0 Fun and Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Before a couple gets married, they may decide to have bachelor/bachelorette parties and get together with their friends for one last hurrah. Traditionally, yes, these are associated with drinking and getting wild and crazy…but that is not for everyone! If…

1 How to Add Whimsical Touches to Your Wedding

Social media, bridal magazines, television shows and Pinterest boards are full of wedding ideas, and there are so many different styles and trends that can make wedding days even more special. If you are looking to add some whimsical touches…

0 4 Reasons to Have a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville, Tennessee is becoming an increasingly popular destination to have a bachelorette party and for good reason. If you and your friends are lovers of live music, great food, and (even if only sometimes), a fun nightlife, a Nashville bachelorette…

0 Wedding Checklist: Week of Wedding

If you have not already checked out the first four posts in my wedding series, scroll through those first HERE then head on back for the next up in the planning timeline. *Remember, items on this list might not directly apply to…

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