Letter from the Editor

Oh January, the month of new goals, new plans, and remembering all the stuff you didn’t finish last year. As 2020 began I saw so many friends posting their resolutions and goals for the new year/decade. Things like running half marathons and reading 50 books, traveling to exotic locations or getting promoted at work. 

More power to them, but honestly I’m already tired from this year and it’s still January. MY 2020 bucket list looks more like a traditional to-do list. Errands I need to run and weird little nagging tasks that I keep putting off until tomorrow (and a hundred more tomorrows). 

As I turned 37 a couple of weeks ago I made a plan to clean out 37 things from my closet. This prompted me to decide to clean out (either toss or donate) 37 things EACH month from various parts of my home. Decor, towels, tupperware lids with no containers – nothing is safe.

I figured my list should probably continue into other parts of my life – some more fun than others! It’s part household chores, part self-care manifesto. Totally doable and yet, there’s still a good chance a few will be left undone by 2021. (But not the smoke detectors, I’m doing that today!)

20 Things to Do in 2020

  1. Take down the Christmas tree (I KNOW!)
  2. Give away/get rid of 37 things each month
  3. Change the air filters
  4. Check my smoke detector batteries
  5. Clean out my car and wash it
  6. Buy more of the tea I like
  7. Hand wash the pile of clothes on the washing machine that have been sitting there for months (or just finally throw them in the washing machine and see what happens?)
  8. Use the three gift cards I already have for manicures and spa services
  9. Make a pie (I like making pies!) sometime that isn’t a holiday
  10. Schedule lunch or dinner with a friend at least once a month
  11. Replace the door knobs on my hall closets
  12. Take a bubble bath once a week (at least)
  13. Clean (really clean) the kitchen window inside and out
  14. Buy new underwear and throw out the ones that are past their prime
  15. Catch up or finish shows I’m behind on (The Good Place and The Americans, mainly)
  16. Install a new light fixture in the office (it’s been out for about a year)
  17. Write in my gratitude journal more than I forget to write in it
  18. Write these letters from the editor monthly, as they’re intended  :)
  19. Spend at least one day a month totally phone free
  20. Take myself out on a date quarterly. Solo dinner, movie, shopping, whatever. I’m pretty good company!

That’s my list! No marathon running or declaring this the year I make six figures in my business. (Wait, scratch that, THIS IS THE YEAR I MAKE SIX FIGURES IN MY BUSINESS. Is that how manifesting works? No?) Knocking off some of these lingering “tasks” and taking care of myself in the process sounds equally rewarding!

Take care of yourself out there, let’s make today a splendid one.