Wellness Tips for the New Year


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New year = time for some new habits! A few tips to get your year started right!

Wellness Tips for the New Year

3 wellness tips for the new year (1)

1. Exhale! 
It sounds deceivingly simple, but it’s easy to get “caught” in a perpetual inhale in the hectic day-to-day. So take a moment, put a hand on your chest and take as long an exhale as possible. Make sure your chest actually falls down away from your chin when you exhale – this is a great first step to not only reducing stress, but easing neck and shoulder discomfort.
2. Vary your resting pose. 
Most of us are already spending an inordinate amount of time in a chair position at work and in our cars, so when you’re watching TV or eating at home, don’t put your body in that same old position. Be a kid again and sit on the floor with your legs out in front of you or sit “crisscross applesauce” to get a stretch while you’re resting (if this proves difficult, just stick a few pillows under your hips to ease into the position).
3. Take care of your feet! 
Many of us rarely pay attention to our feet until they start hurting, but think of how important they are — they are your whole foundation! So give them a little love – roll your feet out on a tennis or ping pong ball, lift and spread your toes every day, sit and roll your ankles around both directions. Keep your feet happy and they’ll return the favor!
Originally published February 3, 2015
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