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How to Survive Allergy Season

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Everyone is excited that warmer weather is finally here, it just seems to make people feel better. Unfortunately, its arrival comes with a downside for many, allergy season. A rise in temperatures can change our mood, but it can also make for some torturous months. Ones filled with morning headaches, poor breathing, stuffy noses, and other unfavorable traits. It can transform us on a dime, in turn, affecting our disposition too. But there are ways to stay ahead of it. You might not beat it, but you can get some relief. Here are a few ideas on how to survive allergy season without too much trouble.

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1. Stock up your arsenal. To survive allergy season successfully, (even for those who don’t love pill popping), usually requires some kind of medication. Try Claritin, or a nasal spray for some effective allergy relief in the short term. If you refuse to take medicine (or even if you don’t) a Neti Pot is also helpful for severe sufferers.

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2. Use an air purifier. Air purifiers remove indoor air pollution, bacteria, and allergens. They can make an actual difference in your well-being and allow you to experience less discomfort and survive allergy season with more ease.

3. Take hot steam timeouts. When you have a few minutes, head to your bathroom and turn on a hot shower. Instead of getting in, close the door, sit down for twenty minutes, and let the steam envelop the room. Though a short- term fix, this at-home sauna can help with headaches and congestion.

4. Sleep on allergy bedding and pillows. It’s always a good idea to use allergy bedding, but especially in those months when you’re trying to survive allergy season. Most allergy doctors recommend covering pillows, mattresses, and even box springs in allergy-proof bedding. Using them can help to reduce dust mites and pollen.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.