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5 Small Effective Ways to Get Out of a Funk

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Our lives are perpetually filled with busy schedules. Regardless of what each given day might look like, we all thrive on a variety of responsibilities, tasks, and of course, personal pleasures like workouts, yoga classes, facials, or whatever suits your fancy. But like most of us know (and some of us try to remember), when plowing through our Facebook feeds, not everything is always as happy or picturesque as it may seem on social media. Sometimes, even when it might seem impossible to tell, people are battling their own issues or daily woes. It’s OK to have down days, or not be plastering gorgeous meals or vacations on every screen you own. It’s also OK to get in a bad mood, or wake up with one that you can’t quite describe. For the days when you can’t seem to motivate or muster a smile, there are some options that may work. Before plunging into the depths of your soul trying to figure out what’s wrong with you, instead practice some self-care and attempt these small, but effective ways to get out a funk.

5 Small but effective ways to get out of a funk, including meditation, acupuncture, and more.

5 Small Effective Ways to Get Out of a Funk 

1. Meditate

There is a reason everyone seems to be obsessed with meditation lately. It works. Surprisingly, even just a few minutes spent quietly practicing your breathing every morning, done over time, can make a difference in your wellness. And if you feel yourself falling into a funk, try going to a quiet spot, sitting on a cushion, and spending a few moments alone with yourself. You don’t need to even think. Just be. A notion which is much harder than it sounds, yet, quite possible.

Ways to get out of a funk - Meditation

2. Pamper Yourself

Maybe it’s lighting some candles, using some essential oils, or vigorously cleaning out your tub so you can finally take that bubble bath you’ve always dreamed about.

Ways to Get out of a Funk - Pamper Yourself

3. Try Acupuncture
4. Make a Vision Board


For entrepreneurs and freelancers, having the confidence to keep moving forward is key to a level of success. But although you might experience any number of personal wins, even the most successful people sometimes suffer from doubt, lack of confidence, or motivation. Sometimes the simplest way to reset can be through visuals. Rather than wallowing in a quiet inbox, or complaining you can’t get on track, take that time to create a personal vision board. Sort through magazines to find key words and ideas that resonate with you and get next month (or year’s) goals on paper in a place where it can inspire you to keep going. Even when it feels like you can’t.

5. Clean your Work Area or Desk Space

Ways to get out of a funk - organize

It might sound silly, but there’s a reason that phrase, “cleanliness is next to godliness” exists. There is something to be said for that amazing feeling you have after you’ve cleaned your whole home, or put some organizing system into place. Exactly why it feels so good can’t be quite defined. But one thing’s for sure, if you wake up in an unmotivated mood, redoing an area of the home you love might just be what you need to get a fresh look on your work, or the day.

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Originally published April 13, 2017

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Thursday 13th of April 2017

There really is something about physically clearing things out (like organizing a desk) that can give you a new perspective and energy.

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