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15 (Easy) To-Dos for the New Year

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I love a good life to-do list. However, sometimes I think they can be overwhelming especially for anyone who has really great intentions, but little follow through. And, that is exactly how I am.

I fully intend to do all these great things and like most people these great plans usually come at the beginning of a new year. Then life gets in the way and all of the sudden it is December and I have only completed the two easiest tasks on the list. My plans are always good, but my execution needs a lot of work!

Life to-do lists are trendy and it’s the thing to do at the new year, so I already know that this will be no different for me personally. So, I am starting with something easy. A to-do list of easy things. Things that takes little to no effort, little to no pre-thinking grand scheme ideas and the best part—little to no money!

15 (Easy) To-Dos for the new year

1. Go Dark!

Try a different shade of lipstick. And, by different I mean dark. Red is fun, but why not go for a deep purple or deep red. Live a little. You might actually like it!

2. Book a photo shoot just for you!

Grab your pet, grab your favorite possessions, grab anything- but book a photo shoot just for you! And, if you ever come up missing—at least you will have an awesome photo for the back of the milk carton!

3. Take a sick day—And, don’t actually be sick!

Sick days are so blah, but sick days when you are perfectly well are fun! Sleep in, go shopping, eat cake—just do something different. Think of it as a “Mental Health Day!”

4. Try out a different style!

I get in such a rut wearing the same ol’ thing every day. Black slacks, colored cardigan, scarf, blah, blah, blah! So, switch it up! Pinterest something totally different. Tulle skirt, skinny jeans, flannel shirt, whatever your little fashionista heart desires!

5. Read a book in one day!

Take a day. Read a book! Something empowering, something romantic, something scary, whatever it is just do it in one day! Drink some coffee and wear comfy clothes or sit on the porch and enjoy the sunshine!

6. Disconnect from the world for one day!

Forget to charge that cell phone and turn off that computer. Just for one day—it will do your soul good!

7. Eat cookie dough right from the package!

Self-explanatory! It will be fine! Do it!

8. Frame Your Favorite Photos

Remember those cute pictures from college? Or fun pictures from your childhood? Yeah those. Frame those bad boys and display them in your house. They will remind you of those good times when life was simpler and jobs, bills and worry weren’t the center of your attention.

9. Cook/bake something for your coworkers, neighbors, etc.

I LOVE giving to others especially something unexpected. It can be homemade or store bought, but it is truly the thought that counts! It could totally turn someone’s day around.

10. Donate!

Find a non-profit that you love and donate to them! Could be your time, your money or something that you purchased… easy as pie! There are non-profits for everything! Find one that means something to you and give!

11. Send cards to friends!

Send your long lost college pal a sweet card or your best friend from elementary school! Add in a little gift card to brighten their day or just a couple of lines will do just fine!

12. Participate in a charity run/walk

Remember that charity you donated to a couple of to-do’s before? See if they have a run/walk you can participate in! Your heart will thank you!

13. Create a memory jar

I saw this on Pinterest a couple of years ago and loved this idea. But, instead of a jar they used a shadow box! Either way it is a super fun way to remember those memorable college concerts or late night football games! I keep just about everything in mine. Good thing I was a hoarder of tickets and stubs before it was for a real purpose!

14. Cash in your change and buy something fun!

Start a change jar! Keep it right next to your memory jar from above! Throw in that loose change that is weighing down your wallet, rattling in your purse or getting sticky in the cup holder of your car! A little change can really add up! And, then use that money to buy something ridiculously fun— like a expensive purse, jewelry, shoes, boats, jet skies, etc.

15. Write an actual bucket list!

Now is the time to think about an actual, real life bucket list for you to accomplish! Add balance and a time frame to help you stay on track! Of course add in those expensive trips, but also add in the easy things like road trip in your home state and get a massage, so you can be marking and preparing to mark those big things off your list! Get creative! Get adventurous!

Good Luck!

Originally published December 9, 2014

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Thursday 29th of December 2016

love this post and many if not all of them are things that I can or anyone can do thanks for sharing come see us at

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.