15 Unique Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love


If you’re an adult female chances are you’ve been to dozens and dozens of weddings by now! The best weddings have probably left you with memories of floating white dresses, melt-in-your-mouth wedding cake or sweet dances between the bride and her dad that left you a little teary-eyed. But the wedding favors? How many of those do you remember? Instead of gifting guests with a traditional favor emblazoned with your names that they’ll never use, instead opt for unique wedding favors your guests will actually love!

15 Unique wedding favors your guests will actually love!

Unique Wedding Favors

1. Personalized pencils
Unique Wedding Favors pencils

via Oriental Trading

While I don’t want to carry around a screen-printed tote that says “Steve & Sara Forever”, I wouldn’t mind some cute personalized pencils! Check etsy shops or shops like Oriental Trading for custom designs. Tie a few pencils up with a ribbon and you’re good to go!

2. Lip balm

unique wedding favors personalized lip balm

Great for a winter wedding or any time of year outdoor ceremony. Print or order your own labels to attach and guests will have a favor they’ll actually use!

3. Honey

Unique Wedding Favors jars of honey


Unique Wedding Favors honey bears

Contact a local honey producer for tiny jars of honey to gift. Or if you’ve got a family member or friend who makes jams or other yummy treats, those could work too! Just remember that your aunt may not want to make 200 jars of jam before your big day. Keep your head count in mind!

4. Music

Unique Wedding Favors music

One of my favorite wedding favors ever was from a ceremony about 10 years ago. The bride and groom burned CDs of the wedding playlist and some of their favorite songs and I still listen to it occasionally today!

5. S’Mores Kit
unique wedding favors smores

via etsy shop The Favor Box

Grab a plastic treat box or bag and add a couple of graham crackers, a big marshmallow and a piece of chocolate. S’mores to go! Everyone will love this charming treat.

6. Cookie or Candy Bar
unique wedding favors cookie bar

via Weddingomania

These are showing up at weddings more and more these days and they’re a great idea! Provide an assortment of treats with to-go containers so guests can take the yummy goodness with them!

7. Flash or Temporary Tattoos
unique wedding favors flash tattoos

via Flash Tattoos Custom Shop

unique wedding favors tattoos

via Flash Tattoos Custom Shop

Skip the sweets bar (or have both!) and provide fun temporary or flash tattoos for guests! They can apply them there or take a few to go! You know the photos of your grandma with a tattoo will bring laughs for years to come!

8. Beat the Heat Items
unique wedding favors fan for guests

via Party City

unique wedding favors sunglasses for guests

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony in the heat of the summer, consider a few ideas for favors that will make guests a little more comfortable. A personalized fan or cheap sunglasses would be much appreciated!

9. Flip Flops
unique wedding favors flip flops for guests

via Party Flops

If you plan for guests to dance the night away, flip flops might be the perfect favor! Guests will save their feet from uncomfortable dress shoes and they’ll have an extra pair of shower shoes for the gym later!

10. Custom Coasters
unique wedding favors coasters

via Etsy shop The Salvaged Studio

Coasters are pretty easy and cheap to make these days. Visit your local hardware store and stock up on some tile pieces. Simply Mod Podge maps, photos, etc. onto the tiles and let dry! Wrap a couple in ribbon and guests can relive your wedding all year long!

11. Seeds
unique wedding favors seed packets

via Botanical Paperworks

Forgot tossing bird seed at weddings, instead hand out packets or envelopes of flower seeds guests can take. They’ll think of you when the flowers start to bloom!

12. Herb Starter Kits
unique wedding favors herb kit

via Oriental Trading

Again, maybe not practical if you’re having 600 guests, but for a smaller crowd, tiny herb starter kits will be put to good use!

13. Favorite Drink
unique wedding favors soda

via Real Simple

An adorable (and affordable!) favor guests will be grabbing for as they leave? Grab your favorite glass bottle beverage and attach a cute paper straw. Simple and sweet!

14. Magnets
unique wedding favors love magnet

via Etsy shop The Sunshine Villager

Pick up an assortment of cute designs that guests can pick from. Hearts, quotes, or even these Scrabble tiles spelling out “LOVE” will be a big hit!

15. Ornaments
unique wedding favors ornaments

via Etsy shop Iron Maid Art

If you’re having a winter wedding an ornament might be the perfect favor! (Hint, pick these up right after Christmas for great prices!) Also, steer clear of the too-personalized ornament. 15 years from now your ex-coworker’s wife will be saying, “Now who are these people again?” Chances are no one but your parents or grandparents want an ornament with your names on it.

Have your own ideas for unique wedding favors? Tell us!

Originally published August 11, 2016

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