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Visiting the Magnolia Silos: What you need to know to plan your trip

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I have been a fan of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper” since the show started. So when Joanna worked her magic on a set of old silos in downtown Waco I couldn’t wait to check them out. The Gaines have made a fantastic family destination in the middle of Waco, Texas. If a trip to Waco and the Magnolia Silos is on your bucket list here is what you need to know!

Visiting the Magnolia Silos - Splendry What you need to know to plan your trip.

What to know before you visit the Magnolia Silos

Here’s a tip: The earlier you can go the better.

Weekends are normally the most crowded. There is free parking on some of the streets near the Silos but the best free place to park is the large parking lot behind the Silos.

If that lot is full, there is also a Silo District Trolley that can take you to and from other free parking lots. You can find the map of the route and more about the trolley here.

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 1 - SplendryWhen you first walk in the front of the Silos, to the right is The Silos Baking Co. The bakery opens at 7:30 AM which is a good thing because the lines get long really fast here. If you want to a get a treat from The Silos Baking Co., come here early and do it first when you get to the Silos.

Here’s a tip: There is a Silos Baking Co. food truck in the food court that has many of the same desserts as the bakery.

The lines are much shorter here and you still get the same great desserts!

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 2 - Splendry

While the Silos Baking Co. is on the right, to the left is the Magnolia Market. The market opens from 9 AM-6 PM Monday through Saturday.

Joanna and her team have done a fantastic job decorating the inside of the shop. You can get many of the pieces she uses on her show in the shop along with t-shirts, signs from Jimmy Don and other items.

Here’s a tip: Go right when the market opens or right before it closes to avoid crowds.

The shop gets incredibly crowded so avoid taking strollers inside if you can.

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 3 - Splendry

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 4 - Splendry

Past the Silos Baking Co. and the entrance to the Magnolia Market you walk into a large green space with games and swings for kids and families. This is a perfect place for dad and the kids to hang out while mom shops!

Here’s a tip: Bring lots of sun screen and water.

While there is some shade there is not much. This is Texas. It gets pretty hot!

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 5 - Splendry

Stop by the Magnolia Seed and Supply store and visit the gardens. This is a beautiful area to explore. Plus in the seed store you can buy your own seeds and garden equipment so you can go home and practice being a plant lady!

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 6 - SplendryWhatever you do make sure you come hungry!!! All along the back of the property are food trucks. There are about 11 food trucks serving yummy food! We have not had a bad meal yet. Plus the food trucks are used to the large crowds so service at the trucks is normally pretty fast. There are a variety of options so try as many as your stomach will allow!

Last but not least bathrooms. There aren’t very many bathrooms and the lines are long.

Here’s a tip: There are port-a-potties right outside the gates towards the parking lot. The lines here are much shorter.

So if you got to go and don’t want to wait I suggesting using these.

This is everything I could think to tell you about the Magnolia Silos. Hopefully this will help you plan your trip! A trip to the Magnolia Silos should definitely be on your bucket list. It’s a fun time for all ages!

Visiting the Magnolia Silos 7 - Splendry

So, now that you’re ready to visit the Magnolia Silos, how about the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile? We’ve got all the info you need before you go

Originally published July 7, 2017

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.