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10 Travel Instagram Accounts that will Make You Want to Pick up and Go

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There are millions of Instagram accounts, and a good number of them focus on travel. Whether these profiles belong to bloggers, influencers who are always jet-setting around the world or people who just enjoy visiting new destinations, they all fill us with wanderlust!

So while we save up and plan for that next big trip, here are the 10 travel Instagram accounts I am currently loving, all with a focus on pretty places and superb spots.  

travel Instagram accounts - Splendry

Don’t want to experience extreme wanderlust? Don’t follow these travel Instagram accounts!

1. @shaymitchell

Best known for her role as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars, actress Shay Mitchell loves a good vacation. India, Greece, glamping, Coachella, skydiving…She has done it all and more, and on her account she is always hinting at and revealing where she is heading to next.

Her passion for travel was taken to the next level when she started Beis – a line of travel gear and accessories.

2. @jordanbreal

Jordan Breal is an Austin-based travel writer. From The Wanderer column at Texas Monthly to recent pieces on trips to places like the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, she has been giving tips and insight on the topic of travel for years!

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3. @ellauniversal

This account belongs to a full-time traveler and adventure-seeker! A trip to her page shows highlights with details on her trips to locales like Honolulu, Turkey, Singapore and Florida. She definitely makes us want to pack up and head out right now. 

4. @sologirltravel

After serving as editor-in-chief at a travel magazine in New York City for several years, Pamela Jacobs decided to become a full-time globetrotter. She shares photos of her meals, encounters with animals and outdoor adventures in places like North America, Europe, Africa and the South Pacific.

5. @misswizardingworld

This next account specifically makes us wish we could visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter as much as this chick does! She knows all the best spots in these themed areas at Universal Orlando, and her outfits always add to the magic of it all. 

6. @brandoncozart

Brandon Cozart shares photos of Texas, travels and wild places, making this account another great one to follow for those who are dreaming up their next adventure. 


Steady Rush is a pop duo, and these singers and musicians – Molly Fiorentino and Kylie Hartman – can often be found providing entertainment aboard cruise ships!

So not only are they living out their music dreams, but they also get to travel all over, showing off wanderlust-y pics.

travel Instagram - Splendry

8. @kelseyinlondon

Kelsey Heinrichs is a blogger who makes us want to dress in the most stylish way and go to the most luxurious destinations out there, all so that we, too, could have an Instagram that is this gorgeous.

9. @ashleyzarlin

Ashley Zarlin founded Cheeky Minx and has a blog called The Cheeky Blonde. Some of her best photos are of her in Hong Kong, Cabo, San Francisco and Austin. She is another fashionable influencer who does travel right. 

10. @rove

ROVE is a travel-focused account, and the wanderlust here is brought to life by Tyler Blackburn (another star from Pretty Little Liars!) and Heather Catania. Their website has details on style, recipes, hotels and more, but just scrolling through their images is enough to make anyone want to just GO.

What are your favorite travel Instagram accounts to follow?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.