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There are the trips you plan, and then there are the trips you plan. It’s one thing to throw some clothes in a bag and jump in the car for an impromptu road trip, and it’s quite another to set off on that big trip you’ve been dreaming about for years! Here are a few tips for planning that “trip of a lifetime”

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1. Make your plan

Once you’ve got your travel dates lined up, try to make a list of all the sites you want to hit. It’ll be easier to make sure you get everywhere on your list if you’ve got some sort of a game plan.

2. Hire a travel agent

A good travel agent can make your life SO MUCH EASIER. Not only can they do most of the heavy work for you – booking hotels, train tickets, tours, etc., they can also give you some ideas of things to do you might not have thought of!

3. Don’t rule out “tourist-y” stuff

Before you scoff at those bus tours that just scream “tourist”, remember, you are a tourist. And they can actually be a great way to see the major sites! Grab a ticket on a “hop-on, hop-off” tour- they’ll hit all the major stops and you can get off whenever you want, stay as long as you’d like and then hop back on the bus for the next stop!

London Eye - tips for planning a big trip

The London Eye

4. And live like a local

I know I just told you that you were a tourist, but acting like a local for a bit can be fun too! Know someone who lives in the area you’re visiting? Ask them for some suggestions on places to check out. Pick up a guide book or search some websites for things that might be off the beaten path!

Italy - tips for planning a big trip - Splendry

5. Have fun!

More than likely your trip won’t be all smooth sailing. They’ll be a delayed flight, a lack of cabs, a sudden rainstorm or cranky travel companions. Through it all don’t forget to relax and enjoy your time!

Have you taken that BIG trip? Share your tips!

Originally published November 23, 2014

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