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Attractions and Food Guide for Galveston, Texas

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Just an hour outside Houston is the beach town of Galveston, Texas. This is an old town that’s full of history and has been affected by its fair share of hurricanes, but no matter what happens, Galveston returns better than before. This summer my family took a trip to Galveston to check out its beaches, explore the old town and most importantly, to eat seafood. Eating amazing food is basically why I go on vacation. So from my own experience and with some help from my friends, I’ve put together the ultimate food guide and my favorite attractions for Galveston, Texas.

Food and attractions in Galveston, Texas - Splendry


  1. Gaido’s

    Food and attractions in Galveston- Shrimp Peques from Gaido's in Galveston - SplendryShrimp Peques

This meal was one of the best seafood meals I have ever had. Gaido’s has been in operation for over 100 years, and to be in business that long, they must be doing something right! The shrimp peques meal is shrimp stuffed in cheese with jalapenos then wrapped with bacon. It was amazing! This place is just slightly more expensive than your normal seafood joint but is still family friendly.

  1. Fish Tales 

    Food and attractions in Galveston - Fish Tales - Splendry

Fish Tales is located right across from Pleasure Pier right on the ocean. This is a popular joint for tourists and for good reason. It’s delicious! I had the Flounder Strips and loved it! They take reservations which I recommend. They have all types of seafood, and it is a large building that is great for big groups.

  1. Shrimp N Stuff

    Food and attractions in Galveston - Shrimp 'N Stuff - Splendry

Shrimp N Stuff is a joint that is supposed to be a local favorite. This place is really yummy and is normally packed. They are known for the Gumbo and fried shrimp which are both great!

Notable Mentions:
  1. The Spot 

The Spot is the place to go when you are craving a good burger. Located on the seawall not far from Pleasure Pier, The Spot always seemed to be busy, so go early if you don’t want to wait a long time.

  1. Salsa’s Mexican Restaurant

Also located on the seawall, Salsa’s provides wonderful Mexican food and seafood options as well.


Besides great food options, there are a ton of places to see and things to do in Galveston. Kids and adults alike can find something they enjoy!

  1. Schlitterbahn Water Park 

If you are into big slides and lots of water rides then Schlitterbahn is where you need to go! They even have an indoor water park open year round!

  1. Pleasure Pier 

Pleasure Pier is an amusement park on a pier right over the water. With 16 different rides, games and shops, everyone can have fun here.

  1. Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig Museum 

food and attractions in Galveston - Ocean Star Rig Museum - Splendry

This was my husband’s favorite activity on our trip. Ocean Star is an offshore drilling rig museum and explains how offshore oil rigs work. Ocean Star is an actual retired jack-up drilling rig. Anyone with an interest in the oil and gas industry will enjoy this museum.

  1. Seawolf Park 

Seawolf Park is a former immigration station site. Along with RV hookups, camping and fishing, you can visit the WWII USS Cavalla submarine and the USS Stewart – a destroyer escort.

  1. 1895 Moody Mansion

    food and attractions in Galveston - 1895 Moody Mansion - Splendry

Moody Mansion was completed in 1895 and is over 28,000 square feet. It’s four stories and has over 20 rooms to tour. The Moodys were one of the first great American financial empires and had their hands in all sorts of business ventures. Tour the house and listen to a self-guided audio tour that talks about how the family lived in the house and their history. We really enjoyed this tour and definitely recommend it.

We enjoyed our trip to Galveston! This only scratches the surface of what there is to do. Galveston is full of history and has so many attractions and you could spend all week just exploring the museum and learning the history of the island. To learn about more options and get more information visit the Galveston Tourism site. Hopefully you’ll make a trip soon to explore this great island!

food and attractions in Galveston - beach - Splendry

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