0 Visiting Montreal: What You Need to See

Of all the places in Canada I’ve visited, Montreal feels furthest from the United States. Montréal is primarily French-speaking, and throughout the city there is a mixture of English and French influence which gives Montréal is own unique flare. Montréal,…

0 4 Reasons to Have a Nashville Bachelorette Party

Nashville, Tennessee is becoming an increasingly popular destination to have a bachelorette party and for good reason. If you and your friends are lovers of live music, great food, and (even if only sometimes), a fun nightlife, a Nashville bachelorette…

0 5 Tips for Road Trips with a Toddler

I’ve just returned from a road trip with my almost 16-month son, and while it went about as smooth as I could have hoped, I learned a few things from the experience, mainly, some tips that might help others who…

0 Visiting the NASA Space Center

If you are ever near Houston, Texas there is one museum you should check out that I highly recommend: The NASA Space Center. This museum offers interactive tours and exhibits that tell you all about NASA’s amazing history and what…

2 Visiting the Pioneer Woman Mercantile

If you have ever watched Ree Drummond on Food Network’s Pioneer Woman cooking show and wanted to taste her delicious food for yourself, now you have the chance. In her hometown of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Ree and her family have opened…

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