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25 Things to Do Inside While Social Distancing

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Not sure you’re mentally ready to self quarantine? Here are some ideas of things to do inside while we wait for life to resume normally!

48 hours ago I had never heard the phrase “social distancing”, but things have turned quickly, huh? While being stuck inside for days (weeks?) with limited social interaction may sound like a dream (Hi, fellow introverts!), the reality is things can get old real fast. 

Hey, if doing our part in all this means hanging out at home, it’s the very least we can do, right? This list of things to do inside will help keep you busy, keep you engaged with the world, and will maybe make this time go by a little quicker.

25 Things to Do Inside 

things to do inside

1. Take a nap 

Every day. Try it!

2. Read a book.

Duh, this is an easy one. You know those bookshelves full of books you haven’t actually read? Here’s your chance. Need a recommendation? We’ve got plenty.

3. Exercise

If you’re a regular gym-goer you might need to get some new at-home routines going. Lucky for you there’s only about a billion resources online to help you out! Not a regular exerciser? This might be a good time to start! Find an online yoga video (I like Yoga with Adrienne videos on YouTube) and start some stretching. This will be beneficial for your body AND mind over the coming days.

4. Start your spring cleaning

You already bought all the disinfectants, might as well use a little. Dust the mantles, vacuum the rugs, give the floor a good mopping. Too overwhelmed to tackle a too-messy house? Set a timer for 15 minutes and see what you can do in that time. Do this a few times a day and you’ll accomplish a lot! If you need a jump-start, use this.

5. Learn a new language

There are so many great (free!) resources for this, but my favorite is probably the Duolingo app. There are over 30 languages to choose from and the free app makes learning fun. You might be surprised at how quickly you can pick some things up. Once travel resumes you’ll be ready to head somewhere where you will speak (maybe some of) the language!

6. Try a new hobby

Creative Hobbies to try - coloring - Splendry

Whether you want to learn to macrame or use those calligraphy pens you bought a few years ago (talking to myself here), there are tons of creative hobbies to try out. And there’s a good chance you already bought the supplies a long time ago, so go check out your craft closet! 

7. Go outside

I know, I know, this is a list of things to do inside, but if you have the ability to go outside for a bit while still staying socially distant, take it. Fresh air might help your mental state! With a two year old at home, I know I’ll be enforcing some outdoor play time for us all, even if it rains all week like is predicted. 

8. Try a new recipe

You know all those recipes you’ve saved on Pinterest but haven’t ever attempted? You’ve got nothing but time so make a fancy pie or play around until you perfect a homemade Alfredo sauce

9. Treat yo’self

While many physical stores are closing their doors, online shopping is still an option (until they tell us to stop, then do that). Here are a few stylish items I found for under $25 that might get you excited for the days to come.

10. Make a pom pom popper

snow day kids crafts - snowman popper

Don’t have kids at home? Making these poppers might still be fun. You can use paper cups, or even try some empty toilet paper rolls once you’ve got them. You’ll just need a couple of balloons from your party stash and then you can decorate as much or as little as you’d like. Don’t have pom poms? Substitute for anything small and soft. 

11. FaceTime your friends and family

In the past two days I’ve been self-quarantining, I’ve FaceTimed both my brothers and my parents. These are people I see fairly often but hardly ever video chat with. It’s fun to see what everyone else is doing and my toddler still gets to see some of his favorite people. (He’s definitely going to get bored with us quickly.)

12. Clean out your closet

You know you’ve got clothes in there you’re not wearing. Or clothes you do wear but shouldn’t. (If you think I’m talking about you I probably am.) Get some bags or boxes and really give it an overhaul. Once life resumes you’ll be glad it’s done!

13. Board Games

Introduce your kids to Clue, your spouse to Skip-Bo, and your dog to charades. (Good luck with that.) Forget family game night, think epic family game tournament!

14. Marbled art

If you’ve got nail polish and water at home you can make this cool marbled art. Spruce up some dishes, some vases, even some craft paper to frame. Easy enough for kids to do too!

15. Tackle your to-do list

Been putting off unpacking from a recent (or not so recent) move? Need to do your taxes? Whatever you’ve been putting off until you had the time, the time is now!

16. Puzzles

Jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, whatever your puzzle of choice, give your brain a little workout. 

17. Watch all the movies

Yes, an obvious suggestion and one you’ve surely thought of. This list of movies is a good place to start though.

18. Clean out your beauty products

Yes, they expire. No, you probably don’t remember when you bought them. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that! Download an app like Beautykeeper to help you know what to toss and keep. 

19. Bake some cookies

It’s comforting and will give you something to snack on during the movie(s). Make a classic cookie recipe your family loves and then try something new

20. Take a virtual museum tour

Without even leaving your couch you can visit museums all over the world, from the British Museum in London to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. By the time this social distancing is over think how cultured you’ll be! 

21. Learn something

Anything. It doesn’t have to be a language or something for work or school. Want to know how peanut butter goes from nut to the jar? Internet. Want to know how lipstick is made? Internet. Want to know how to do the perfect smoky eye? Internet. Yeah, the Internet can be icky at times, but it’s also super useful. 

22. Start that big project

You know that thing you’ve wanted to do that you haven’t started because you just need a big chunk of time to get going? Ta-da! Now’s the time to start that novel, look into law school requirements, start researching your family history, or refinish the chair that’s been sitting half covered in fabric in your living room for seven years (uh, that one’s me). Whatever that thing you want to do but haven’t had the time? You’ve got it.

23. Learn to embroider

Or crochet, watercolor, knit, start a quilt, hem some clothes that need it. Use your hands to make or fix something. There are plenty of classes to learn and cool places to get your supplies that might give you inspiration too. 

24. Spa Day

Pull out the fancy bath salts and face masks. Give yourself the works, from a hair mask to manicure to a foot massage. Treat yourself to an at-home spa day and you’ll be ready to add these into your regular routine one of these days. 

25. Reinvent your look

Shop your closet and find ways to create new outfits with the items you already have. Have an item you don’t know how to wear? Try searching Pinterest for something like “red blazer outfit” (insert whatever item you have) and get some new ideas. 

It’s just a start but these 25 things to do inside should at least help you get through a few days of self quarantine. What else do you recommend?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.