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Should You Start a Bullet Journal? (the Pros and Cons)

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With the new year rolling around there are plenty of new years resolutions being made (and broken). Are you one of the many who wonder if starting a bullet journal is right for you? If this is something you’d like to add to your list of things to try to make a habit out of, then hopefully you’ll find this article helpful.

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What is Bullet Journaling?

Short answer: a journal based on list-making. Bullet journals use bulleted lists to keep track of tasks, events, and notes. You have full control over the layout of your journal and can make it as simple or involved as you’d like.

Bullet Journal Pros
  • Bullet journals don’t have any structure, so you can format them however you want.
  • Instead of having a planner you’ll have a journal. This is a place to keep not only all the things you need to do, but also ideas, lists, memories, and anything else you can store on paper.
Bullet Journal Cons
  • You might have to put in a little bit of elbow grease to format them the way that you want.
  • It’s definitely less convenient when it comes to monthly and yearly calendars.
  • Unless you’re bullet journaling with a tablet or other program they’re usually on paper, and you might end up with a lot of extra lists and information in them than you need when you’re just trying to figure out when X thing is due.

Whichever method you choose for organizing your day it should be based on what you need in a planner/scheduler. While learning about starting a bullet journal on Pinterest may seem daunting, the beast is much tamer than it may seem.

If you’re interested in trying this system out for yourself, there are many starter kits available to purchase if you’d like a little assistance in getting started. This beginner set includes a blank journal and how-to guide to help you on your path to starting a bullet journal.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.