No More Tears! Painless Injections with the ShotBlocker


Ahhh, fall. The season of color-changing leaves, pumpkins, and flu shots. OK, so only a crazy person would look forward to their flu shot, but yet, I am a believer in the vaccination, so it gets done. 

Now, getting your own is one thing, but when you have small children you must bring your battle armor to protect yourself from fists of fury. Well, let me tell you right now, that I am never going into battle again without the ShotBlocker.

This little piece of $5 plastic actually worked. Best Amazon purchase ever.

The Bionix ShotBlocker

No more tears with the ShotBlocker

After the skin is cleaned and prepped, you just place the ShotBlocker on the site where the shot will be given with the contact points pressing on the skin. You want to press firmly, but not where it hurts. Hold until the injection is completed you can remove the ShotBlocker. Boom. Done.

Those little points provide enough pressure around the injection site to distract from the shot itself. Genius.  

The ShotBlocker blocks the pain of injections

We had no tears, people. No. Tears. Both of my boys even watched the whole process for the first time.

No more pain with injections using the ShotBlocker

And, to prove to you that I am not lying about the reaction of my kids, here is my 5-year-old with his endorsement:

Need another life changing product? Make sure you check out the NoseFrida!

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