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No More Tears! Painless Injections with the ShotBlocker

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Ahhh, fall. The season of color-changing leaves, pumpkins, and flu shots. OK, so only a crazy person would look forward to their flu shot, but yet, I am a believer in the vaccination, so it gets done. 

Now, getting your own is one thing, but when you have small children you must bring your battle armor to protect yourself from fists of fury. Well, let me tell you right now, that I am never going into battle again without the ShotBlocker.

This little piece of $5 plastic actually worked. Best Amazon purchase ever.

The Bionix ShotBlocker

No more tears with the ShotBlocker

After the skin is cleaned and prepped, you just place the ShotBlocker on the site where the shot will be given with the contact points pressing on the skin. You want to press firmly, but not where it hurts. Hold until the injection is completed you can remove the ShotBlocker. Boom. Done.

Those little points provide enough pressure around the injection site to distract from the shot itself. Genius.  

The ShotBlocker blocks the pain of injections

We had no tears, people. No. Tears. Both of my boys even watched the whole process for the first time.

No more pain with injections using the ShotBlocker

And, to prove to you that I am not lying about the reaction of my kids, here is my 5-year-old with his endorsement:

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Friday 2nd of December 2016

[…] Aubrie, mother, non-profit director and blogger for Splendry, describes the ShotBlocker as “best Amazon purchase ever.” Neither of her young boys cried during their shots, and her five-year-old son even gave it his own video endorsement after the fact. Read the full ShotBlocker review and watch the video. […]

Bionix Health at Home

Thursday 10th of November 2016

Thank you for the review! We also sell other home health products that can make caring for your little one a bit easier. Check them out here:

Leslie Bialik

Saturday 24th of July 2021

I just turned 70 and have never in my adult life asked for any intramuscular injections. As a kid, they were always very painful both during and for a week afterwards. So I spent my whole adult life being unvaccinated for anything requiring IM shots. When COVID-19 hit and vaccines became available, I knew I had to get vaccinated, both to be a good citizen and also to resume any kind of normal life. I researched this issue and found ShotBlocker online. When I saw kids smiling while getting their shot with this device, I knew I had to try it. I brought it with me to get my J&J COVID vaccine and the nurse agreed to use it. The only thing I felt was the liquid being pushed into my muscle, and immediately afterwards it was impossible to tell I'd just gotten a shot. There was also no soreness of any kind during the following days. I was so impressed that I immediately called my doctor and scheduled 5 long-overdue IM vaccinations over the following two months. ShotBlocker performed even better than before! There was no feeling at all during each injection and there was no soreness afterwards, either. I'm actually looking forward to getting my flu shot this fall! Wow! I want to be a spokesperson for this product! It literally changed my life.


Friday 11th of November 2016

We will definitely be checking out your website. Thanks for the great product - I just gave it as a baby shower gift, too!


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

This is pretty cool. My brother is diabetic and he has to give himself shots daily, Tthis could come in handy!


Thursday 3rd of November 2016

Definitely worth a try!

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