New Neighbor Welcome Gift


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WELCOME! New neighbor? Make up a box or cloth bag full of information that will help a person new to your area. Include a list of information as well as some goodies, gift certificate to your favorite local restaurant or maybe home made cookies.

Include in your bag:

  • Maps: Yes, they have Google maps, however a paper map showing their location to the rest of the city will give them an idea of where they are and what direction to go.
  • The nearest doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and not to be forgotten, the name of a good vet. This can be quite useful until a person has time to research on their own.
  • Shopping of course is a necessity. Share the location of your favorite mall, boutique and grocery or home improvement store.

new neighbor welcome gift

  • Oh yes, let us not forget the practical side of things. List addresses of government buildings, schools, post office, city hall, tag agency, as well as numbers to set up utilities.
  • The names of tried and true plumbers, electricians or mechanics can come in handy, as well as the day and time the garbage truck comes to your neighborhood.
  • Brochures of local attractions such as museums, amusement parks, theaters or upcoming festivals can promote involvement in the community.

Your new neighbor welcome gift will be a friendly gesture sure to be appreciated by the “new kids on the block”!

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