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Moving Tips You Need to Know

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Ah, the big M- MOVING. Most of the time moving comes with a significant life change- a new job, a new relationship, maybe a growing family.

But behind the excitement underlies a web of logistical planning that must take place. And I speak from experience- I have moved four times in the past three years. You may rightfully question my sanity, but you can’t question my experience!

Let me put my blood, sweat and tears to use for you with some general tips to help your moving experience go smoothly.

moving boxes

Moving Tips

  1. Use this as an opportunity to declutter your belongings.

Nothing inspires you to become a minimalist like the moment you realize you must physically move everything you own. As you pack, keep a donation box nearby. That’ll allow you a quick and easy opportunity to clean out your closet, bookshelves, and even your pantry.

Since I have moved at a higher frequency than most, I have a rule that if it was never unpacked, it is not moving again. Same goes for anything in the pantry that has gone unused.

Free yourself! You’ll be thankful when you have a few less boxes to move. Your back will be especially thankful.

  1. Quality supplies are key!

When I found out I was moving again, the first thing I did was stop by and pick up my most trusted supplies.

  • Packing tape- save your sanity and get tape MEANT for packing, in a dispenser designed for sealing up boxes
  • Moving boxes- I have found medium boxes the most useful. If you find some with hand holds, grab them up. I also like to use boxes that hold reams of paper, if you have access to them. I will buy good moving boxes before I will use questionable quality free boxes.
  • Duct tape in a bright color- for labeling the rooms the boxes belong in
  • Sharpie- for labeling boxes
  • A good pair of scissors or pocket knife

Having the right supplies and high quality supplies will make this go much easier. There is not much more frustrating than having tape that won’t dispense properly, crummy scissors, or boxes that can’t handle the weight of your stuff.

Keep your small supplies in a little basket so you’ll always have them handy when you’re ready to work.

  1. Pack by room

It may make sense in some parts of your brain to pack all your books together, or all your clothes together, but if they’re stored in different parts of your house, you will only be making things more confusing when it’s time to unpack.

For example, I keep some books on my living room bookshelf, some go in the sewing area, and some are in my bedroom. Packing by location keeps them organized.

Then, you can use that bright duct tape to clearly label your boxes and make sure they’re unloaded in the right room.

  1. Know your limits

I’ve done about 90% of the packing for my last four moves by myself, so I know it’s rough.  Not only is your brain adjusting to a change in routine, but it’s physically taxing.

Here is where some basic planning will help you. Roughly sketch out daily goals. They don’t have to be grandiose every day, just make sure it is doable for you.

The last time I moved, I had two weeks to prepare. There were days I was very productive and got a lot done, and some days I put a couple of items in a box and called it good.

Respect your physical and mental limits. Be gracious with yourself- this is a stressful life event!

  1. Hire movers

I have hired movers and I have not hired movers. If you have the funds, I suggest hiring movers. Good movers are fast, efficient, and will make your day go very smoothly.

Sometimes that is not feasible, and I understand. If you use friends or family, just remember to respect your loved ones’ time and willingness to help by having everything ready and planned the day of.

Moving is a fresh start and an exciting time, and hopefully these tips will keep the stress at bay and allow you enjoy it!

Do you have any moving tips? Please share them!

Originally published July 2, 2015

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Saturday 13th of August 2016

Great tips! I totally agree on quality supplies - cheap items end up being WAY more trouble.


Friday 12th of August 2016

I've moved way more than I'd like to think about in the past year, usually on my own, although I thankfully did have help on the last big one. I'm definitely hoping to have the funds to hire movers if I do have to move again though! *-*

I was guilty of using some awful boxes and some good ones (just whatever I had hanging out in my apartment). I regretted the former. A lot.

JoJo Tabares

Friday 12th of August 2016

Excellent! I've moved MANY times in my life and this is very true.

Ann Solinski

Thursday 2nd of July 2015

For years (and I moved a lot), I used cast off boxes from the liquor store. Good, sturdy enough, and really made your new neighbors wonder about you. When I remarried almost a dozen years ago, my engineer hubby suggested using those white file boxes with the lids—consistent size; easily stackable; and easy to write on and read labeling later. I agree on all counts. I just don't think he was aware I'd still have a couple dozen still packed and stowed after all this time.


Thursday 2nd of July 2015

Great article Ann! One tip I have is to use your towels, dish cloths, pillow cases and even clothes to wrap glassware and delicate items. You don't waste paper or space since you are moving both items anyways.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.