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The Moving Out Checklist You Need

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It is a fact: Moving is a big deal. It means relocating to a new abode or city or state. It means meeting new neighbors and figuring out where everything is in the nearest grocery store. It means redecorating a new space.

And it means packing up every single thing you own, putting it all into boxes, driving it to this new place and then unloading all of those pieces again.

To help make this transitional time in life a little easier, I have come up with some top tips for moving. It will still require time, energy, money, hard work and some adjustments. But this moving out checklist will at least provide some more comfort, security and additional assistance!

Put These Four Things on Your Moving Out Checklist

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The first thing needed for a move would be boxes… lots and lots of boxes. Go to stores to ask if they have any they are not using, such as those leftover from unpacking vegetables into a grocery store.

Post on social media about your move, to see if anyone has extra boxes. Look on sites like Craigslist for free ones. And consider buying some heavy-duty ones from a place such as U-Haul, as well, since some of these options come with racks for hanging clothes and dividers for storing dishes.

After packing everything into these boxes, label them all. Write what goes where on these boxes. Color-code them if necessary. And make sure the word “fragile” is written in big and bold lettering!


During a move, people discover things they forget they even had. There are always large junk piles during this time, so sort everything by what to sell, what to donate, what to toss and what to keep.

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A garage sale may be a good idea. A trip to Goodwill could give back to others. Things that are broken beyond repair, super soiled and that have seen better days should probably be thrown away or recycled. And this stressful time will hopefully lead to some much-needed purging!


Who is going to carry all of these boxes? Who will load them into a truck and then carry them into this new house (which may mean carrying them up stairs)?

moving out checklist

Many people hire professional movers, but with this option, remember to shop around for the best deal. Others choose to enlist the help of loved ones, which can be quite nice. Just remember that pros will expect a tip, and your friends and family members will at least expect some pizza for lunch.


I have covered the basics, but there is one more tip I want to pass along, something that many seem to forget on moving day.

You will still need clothes to wear that day. You will need your phone charger, wallet and keys. You will need go-to items like toilet paper, water bottles and cleaning supplies. Keep all of these needed items in an easy-to-access box…and thank me later.

I hope these tips help even just a little bit, and I wish you lots of luck!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.