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Create a Cozy Guestroom For Visiting Friends and Family

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Whether you have overnight guests during the holidays, or anytime during the year, it’s important to make them feel welcome. One of the best ways to show a loved one that they’re special is to create a cozy guestroom. Be careful, though! These tips and ideas will be sure to make your guests so comfortable they may not want to leave! Here are the guest room essentials you need.

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Make a Custom Door Hanger

You know those convenient door hangers you get at hotels? They make you feel cocooned behind the closed door, knowing you won’t be disturbed before you’re ready to make an appearance. Why not offer the same convenience for your overnight guests?

Make two-sided door hangers out of cardboard that guests can use to easily communicate with you. One side could say, “Sleeping in Late,” while the other says, “Wake Me Early!” You could also print breakfast options on one side, with checkboxes your guest can mark to indicate their preferences.

Build a Welcome Basket

Sometimes guests stay over unexpectedly (One too many cocktails, perhaps?). Other times they may just forget to bring a necessity. A welcome basket solves both problems. Fill a pretty basket with complimentary items your guests may need, so they don’t have to ask you at the last minute. Include things like:

  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • comb
  • mini contact solution/lens case
  • disposable razor/shaving cream
  • mini mouthwash
Provide a Snack Basket

Of course, it’s nice for your guests to be able to nosh on a snack before bedtime without attempting a midnight fridge raid in the dark. Provide a separate snack basket with single serve packages of items such as:

  • cookies
  • crackers
  • nuts
  • pastries
  • candies

Be sure to add one or two bottled waters for the bedside table, too!

Provide Room Spray Scent

If there was ever a perfect time to use room spray scent, it’s in your guestroom. Invest in a beautifully packaged room spray scent in a pleasing variety like lavender or rose. Alternatively, you can make your own version with a spray bottle, distilled water and several drops of essential oil. Either way, spray the room and textiles before your guest arrives. Then leave the spray on the dresser so your guest can freshen up the room whenever they like.

Embroider Initials on Pillowcases

Okay, this sounds like a lot of work, but it isn’t really. Just visit your local craft store and pick up a set of iron-on, ready-embroidered letters. Then just iron on the initial of your guest’s last name onto the pillowcases. They will look hand embroidered, but take only moments to apply with a warm iron. Plus, you’ll be able to re-use these, since the letters will be common to many different last names.

Offer Brand New Slippers

 Pretty slipper socks can be readily found for under $5 at drugstores and department stores. Pick up several pairs to have on hand for last minute stay overs. Offer them to your guests as a permanent gift by wrapping  a pair in colored tissue paper tied with a bow and placing the present at the foot of the bed. Your guests will be wowed by your thoughtfulness, and really appreciate the warmth as they tread throughout your home.

These are all great ideas that you can manage whether you live in a house or an apartment. Now that you have all these great ideas for creating a cozy guestroom, it’s time to start planning your next party!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.