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Two Options to Help Your Financial Situation

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Who wouldn’t want to significantly reduce their bills and live in financial freedom? I don’t think I know anyone who wouldn’t prefer to be on track with this goal.

However, it seems today that so many people are struggling or are in a rut with their savings goals, debt payoff attempts, and just trying to stay afloat with their monthly bills. There is a way to get out of financial woes and it just takes a different mindset and willingness to make a few changes.

Ultimately, I’ve realized that if you want live free from debt, be able to pay your bills on time, and have flexibility in your budget each month that you only have a couple of options.

help financial situation

The two options are this:

1. You can spend less.
2. You can make more.

Sounds simple, right? OK, maybe not but it may be easier than you think with a little brainstorming and elbow grease. Financial freedom and flexibility are attainable but it takes work on our parts to get there.

Check out these tips on how to pull off the two options toward financial freedom.

Tips to Spend Less:

• Create and follow a budget where you predetermine how you will spend your money each month
• Live below your means
• Move to a smaller house or apartment
• Differentiate between “needs” and “wants”
• Go shopping less (and when you do shop, stick to discount or Amazon bin stores near you)
• Defer instant gratification
• Make a list when you head to the grocery store and stick to it

Tips to Make More:

• Switch jobs
• Get a part-time job to help supplement income
• Sell some of your stuff that you don’t need (Yard sale time!)
• Pick up extra work (babysit, freelance, shop for the elderly, start a blog)

Paycheck to paycheck living is difficult and frustrating but over time you can avoid it. The journey toward financial freedom can be a long one.

However, I believe that it’s worth the effort and the best plan is to just start and as you see the fruits of your labor it will encourage you to keep going.

Tips to Pull Off Your Goals:

• Surround yourself with people who encourage you rather than deter you from financial freedom.
• Meet as a family to discuss ways to save more, spend less, and make more.
• Be willing to work hard even when you feel disheartened.
• Find an accountability partner to help you stay on track.
• Set some goals, write them down, and get to work!

Paying bills and getting rid of debt is not necessarily fun. However, I think it seems more attainable when you think of these two ways to pull it off. If you continue to do the same thing and it’s not working then you won’t get very far.

I’m a budget fan. I like to save money so that I can reach our family’s goals. However, I know that sometimes people are not sure where to start.

A budget can be a challenge to follow and saving money isn’t always super exciting. However, living below your means is helpful to your finances. Financial freedom will take work and it begins with two basic options to pull it off.

Again, they are:
1. You can spend less.
2. You can make more.

If you are able to incorporate a little of both options, then you’ll attain your financial goals even quicker. Anything that is worth your time will take some work. Freedom in the area of finances is amazing and attainable!

Originally published July 19, 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.