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How to Save More Money

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Maybe money is tight these days, or maybe you’d just like to figure out how to save more money for the future. Make sure you check out our full list of financial tips and resources.

I’m always looking for ways to save so that I can be more intentional, wise, and generous with money. However, the goal to spend less takes thought, creativity, and often looks different for everyone.

I notice the more we spend often means the more we need things “to go with” what we bought. As you can see, the endless cycle just continues. My goal is to just stop that crazy train and spend less!

Recently, I came across the WWII frugal slogan of “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without.” To this, I say, “YES!”

I have found that I don’t need things as badly as I think I do. In fact, I have begun to try and consider what I may have at home already that could work rather than buying something new. So in light of this slogan, I’ll share some examples and ideas to help you spend less too.

How to Save More Money

how to save more money

Use it Up:

My goal is to consistently use every bit of what I already have. I’m the girl that scrapes the bottom of mayonnaise jars and rolls up the toothpaste to squeeze out every last drop. Also, I save things like whip cream and sour cream tubs. Why? Because I find that it’s useful for leftovers or delivering food to others so they won’t have to return the “Tupperware.”

The “use it up” concept can be applied to so many areas of the home. Get creative, use it up, and save!

Wear it Out:

My husband and I drive “older” cars, and my husband changes the oil and maintenances them. We’d prefer to wear them out rather than buy a newer model.

He fixes our old gadgets, computers, and appliances whenever possible. We are able to save money as we wear things out rather than buy something new the minute we have the thought or “need.”

Make it do:

Lately, I will need something at home and look around to see what I can use instead of running to the store. I often find that I can make do! For example, if you’re out of trash bags then use a grocery bag instead.

You need some rags for cleaning or to work on cars? Cut up an old t-shirt. Need wrapping paper? Recycle a gift bag that you were previously given. (Preferably not on the same person…) Things don’t have to be perfect or brand new. Just get creative and “make things do!”

Do Without:

I want lots of things. Notice I said want and not need? I would enjoy some new jeans, different curtains, and the list goes on. However, I have learned to use what I have and sometimes do without. I truly have plenty! If you have debt, throw some extra money to pay it down rather than buy something you don’t actually need.

So, I try to “do without” as far as buying the next latest and greatest thing and in the process am able to save money for things that I really want. Think about the savings!

Think Differently

Our culture seems to have adopted a slogan that goes something like “The Latest, The Greatest, The Quickest, and oh yeah… Like NOW” as the best plan. I disagree and think there is something to be said for this old WWII slogan. “Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do Without.”

Embracing this mindset, getting creative with what you have, and working to figure out how to save more money will help you stretch what you’ve already got and you’ll save more along the way too. Try it!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.