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Tips For Saving Money On Entertainment

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The world of entertainment is a fun and fab one, but sometimes, its costs can add up. Don’t let that stop you from having a good time, though! I’ve got some tips for finding cheap entertainment!

5 Tips to for Cheap Entertainment

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Tip #1 – Book Swap

One of the most common forms of entertainment is reading, but books – especially brand-new books – can be expensive. Us avid readers probably have library memberships, but another way to cheaply keep up this addiction is with a book swap.

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By joining forces with fellow readers, people can go in on buying new reads and/or trade out books, in order to each enjoy classics, best-sellers and more.

Tip #2 – Dollar Movie Nights

Going to the movie theater is a go-to way to have fun, whether alone, as a couple or with a big group. However, tickets and snacks and drinks can pile up and make this outing one that can only be enjoyed on special occasions…unless dollar movie nights are enjoyed!

Many theaters offer some form of this, such as $3 flicks on Thursdays, discounted tickets on Sunday nights and matinees during the day. I love this kind of cheap entertainment!

Tip #3 – Streaming Services

Those who enjoy watching films and shows at home should consider streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, which are far more affordable than cable. There are even devices, like a Roku, which can give people access to many types of services and many forms of entertainment!

Tip #4 – Family Museum Days

Watching a screen is great, but there are other ways to be entertained, too! And the good news here is that places like museums and art galleries sometimes offer family days (when admission is free) or specials (when there is a discount), so get in on these for sure.

Cheap entertainment can be educational too!

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Tip #5 – Free Fun

And, of course, there is lots of fun to be had for free! Go for a hike, walk or bike ride. Draw a picture or paint a canvas. Listen to music or browse a record shop. Play board games with loved ones. Use the ingredients in your kitchen to whip up something new and yummy. Find ways to be entertained without spending a dime!

What are your cheap entertainment go-tos? Please share! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.