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Back to School: Savvy School Supply Savings Stacking

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Ready for another school year? Maaaaybe not. But, if we have to, might as well kick it off with back to school savings on supplies! I have two kids in elementary school, and I also love a good deal, so when the school supply list comes out each summer I do my best to get the most for the money.

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Back to School Savings

Around the beginning of August stores will start their school supply deals. Search around for the ones in your area. Sometimes going to different stores is necessary to find what is on your list, however, I do factor in time and convenience. That is why I like the online option!

**Below is an outline of how I get my best deal. You might not use the exact same store/method/coupons, but you can apply the outline to the store where you get your rewards in your area.**

Main tip: Deal Stack

My ‘go-to’ is
Main reason: price + coupons + rewards = my biggest savings.

  1. Get your items grouped from each child’s list.
    Many times the same supplies are needed over different grades – amount needed just may differ. This makes it easier for me to see exactly what I need and where I might get the best deal.
  2. Before ANYTHING else, check your home for any items that can be used, or reused from the previous school year.
  3. Go to and go to through their ‘Shop’ to get an additional 1% back. (If you are not already on Swagbucks, you should be! Money/gift cards just for using their site to shop and get coupons.)
  4. Check Cartwheel for deals on specific items or brands that apply.
    Tip: Sometimes it is worth getting name brand on certain items if their is a cartwheel or coupon. It might end up cheaper than the store brand.
  5. I fill my cart with the items on each list.
    Many store brand items will work just fine, plus they are cheaper. Some items are worth
    the name. (i.e. crayons – Crayola is worth it for the quality.) Also, Kleenex makes anti-viral tissues, but they are only available online (also, they have BoxTops for your school!).
  6. Next, I use Target gift cards I earned previously on Swagbucks.
  7. Finally, I use the Target Red debit card to get FREE shipping AND and additional 5% off each item.
    Receive your 1% of your cart total back at Swagbucks that you can then cash out at Paypal, Amazon, Target, or hundreds of other options.



**Many schools now offer pre-ordering supplies at the end of each school year for the following year. This is a great, convenient option if you don’t want to think about shopping. It is a little more expensive, but the convenience may be worth it!**

If you do end up getting your supplies in-store, don’t forget your coupons, Cartwheel, AND Ibotta! You can still save so much!

Have some back to school savings tips? Share! And check out these great free back to school printables!

Originally published August 6, 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.