6 3 Financial Tips for the New Year

I used to think I was great with money. When I got my first job after college, I paid off my three-year car loan in a year and a half, used the cash envelope system, and put money into savings…

0 Stay on the Budget Bandwagon

Once you’ve set a budget up, you won’t find that everything runs just perfectly. One thing that I learned early with my budget journey is that budgeting is a marathon, not a sprint. Often people jump on the budget bandwagon…

0 Necessary Vs. Unnecessary Expenses

Let’s face it, we all have expenses. However, what are we required to pay each month expense wise and what do we choose to pay?  Often people continue to add to their monthly expenses and don’t realize that they could…

0 How to Pay Cash for a Vehicle

Let’s face it: vehicles are expensive, but usually a necessity. Unless you live and work in the same small town and are able to walk or bike everywhere, at some point you will need to own a vehicle. When possible,…

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