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Best Summer Ever! Free Printable Calendar to Download

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Download our free printable summer calendar to plan 30 days of fun activities for your family! Choose from a pre-filled calendar with exciting ideas or customize your own. Perfect for making the most of summer vacation with your elementary-aged kids.

Grab Your Printable Summer Calendar!

Depending where you live, summer break is here! Or, almost here. If you’ve got kids at home you know that summer break can be welcome, but also a little…daunting. So many hours in the day to fill! So many snacks needed!

This year, just the teensiest bit of planning can give you a summer of fun!

Splendry 30-Day Summer Calendar with free download to print

Why Plan Your Summer?

Summer is the perfect time to break free from the routine of the academic calendar and embrace a season of fun, relaxation, and adventure. However, without a plan, those long summer days can quickly slip away. Here’s why planning your summer can make all the difference:

1. Make the Most of Every Day

After the last day of classes, it’s tempting to dive into relaxation mode and let the days unfold spontaneously. While spontaneity is great, having a plan ensures that you make the most of your summer break. Creating a summer bucket list can help you prioritize and organize activities that you might otherwise forget or overlook.

2. Avoid the “I’m Bored” Syndrome

Without the structure of the academic calendar, it’s easy for both kids and adults to fall into the “I’m bored” trap. A well-thought-out plan, complete with a variety of activities, can keep everyone engaged and excited throughout the summer. Whether it’s a trip to the beach, a family picnic, or a movie night, having pre-planned activities can turn ordinary days into extraordinary memories.

children playing on a playground

Do you need to schedule an hour-by-hour detailed plan for each day of the summer? No way! (I mean, you definitely can if that’s your thing!) Even just one small activity or plan for the day will help break up your routine!

3. Create Lasting Memories

Planning your summer allows you to create experiences that will be remembered for years to come. Think back to last year: What were the highlights? What activities brought the most joy to you and your family last summer? By reflecting on past summers, you can intentionally plan for similar experiences, ensuring that this summer is just as memorable, if not more so.

4. Balance Relaxation and Excitement

Summer should be a mix of relaxation and adventure. A good plan helps balance lazy days with fun-filled activities. With a pre-filled calendar or a blank one to customize, you can schedule downtime to recharge while also penciling in exciting outings and events. This balance is key to a fulfilling summer.

child riding a bike

5. Involve the Whole Family

Planning your summer can be a collaborative effort. Sit down with your family and brainstorm ideas for your summer bucket list. Involving everyone in the planning process not only ensures that there’s something for everyone to look forward to but also builds anticipation and excitement for the activities ahead.

6. Make Room for Spontaneity

While planning is essential, it doesn’t mean every moment has to be scheduled. Leave room in your calendar for spontaneous adventures. Some of the best summer moments happen unexpectedly, and a flexible plan can accommodate those impromptu bursts of fun.

7. Look Forward to New Experiences

Each summer is a chance to explore new interests and experiences. Whether it’s trying out a new hobby, visiting a place you’ve never been, or learning a new skill, planning helps you set goals for the summer. Reflect on the past academic year and think about what new things you’d like to accomplish before the next school year begins.

child eating watermelon

By planning your summer, you ensure that each day is filled with something memorable before the first day of classes approaches. With our printable calendar, you can turn those dreams into a reality, making this summer one for the books.

Ideas to Add to Your Summer Activity Calendar

These are just a few ideas of fun summer plans to add to your to-do list this year, but make sure to add things that will ensure great quality time for YOUR family. Not every family enjoys camping (me, for instance!), so maybe another option might be to roast marshmallows over candles for s’mores instead!

1. Family Campout – Set up a tent in the backyard or visit a local campground. Plan activities like stargazing, making s’mores, and telling stories around a campfire.

family making s'mores

2. Karaoke Night – Have a karaoke night at home with a simple karaoke machine or using YouTube karaoke tracks. Create a playlist of favorite family songs and take turns performing.

3. Try New Recipes – Choose a theme (e.g., Italian night, dessert day) and cook together as a family. Let each family member pick a recipe they want to try and help prepare it.

4. Beach or Lake Day – Spend a day at the beach or a nearby lake. Bring along sand toys, floaties, and a picnic lunch for a mini summer vacation!

5. DIY Arts and Crafts – Set up a craft station with supplies like paints, markers, and recycled materials. Choose projects such as making friendship bracelets, painting rocks, or creating homemade cards.

6. Nature Scavenger Hunt – Create a list of items to find in nature (e.g., a red leaf, a smooth rock, a feather). Explore a local park or nature trail to find the items on the list.

7. Movie Marathon – Choose a theme (e.g., animated movies, superhero films) and have a movie marathon. Make it special with homemade popcorn and cozy blankets.

kids watching a movie

8. Visit a Zoo or Aquarium – Plan a trip to a nearby zoo or aquarium. Learn about different animals and their habitats.

9. Bike Ride Adventure – Go on a family bike ride to explore new trails or parks. Pack a snack and take breaks to enjoy the scenery.

10. Plant a Garden Start a small garden in your backyard or use containers if space is limited. Let each child choose a plant or flower to care for.

11. Science Experiments – Conduct simple and fun science experiments at home. Examples include making a volcano with baking soda and vinegar or creating a rainbow with a prism.

12. Visit a Farmer’s Market – Explore a local farmer’s market and let the kids pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. Talk to the farmers and learn about where the food comes from.

13. Water Balloon Fight – On a hot day, have a water balloon fight in the backyard. Set up teams and create simple rules for added fun.

14. DIY Obstacle Course – Create an obstacle course using items from around the house and yard. Time each other to see who can complete the course the fastest.

15. Library Day – Visit the local library and let each child choose a few books. Participate in any summer reading programs or activities offered by the library.

16. Explore a New Park – Visit a park you’ve never been to before. Bring along a picnic and spend the day exploring new playgrounds and trails.

17. Family Game Night – Have a game night with board games, card games, or outdoor games like cornhole or frisbee. Let each family member choose their favorite game to play.

18. Mini Road Trip – Take a short road trip to a nearby town or attraction. Plan stops along the way for interesting sights and snacks.

19. Visit a Museum – Explore a children’s museum or a science museum with interactive exhibits. Participate in any hands-on activities or workshops offered.

20. Ice Cream Sundae Bar – Set up an ice cream sundae bar at home with various toppings like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and fruit. Let everyone create their own custom sundaes.

Printing Directions for the PDF files

Now, on to the free printables! 

Simple Calendars to Plan Your Summer

We have three options for you, one pre-filled calendar with some fun stuff already written in! No need to brainstorm ideas, we did it for you. :) 

But, if brainstorming is your idea of a good time we’ve got a couple of blank free calendar templates ready for you to fill in as you’d like! Add your day trips, summer camps, fun activities, and important dates and you’ll be set for summer activities! 

Just download and print as you’d like!

Hope this summer is the best one yet!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.