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Things We Love: NoseFrida

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Just opened a baby shower invitation? Before you wrap up another baby blanket (seriously, they’ll get plenty), go ahead and give the new parents the #1, favorite-of-all-time, best baby present ever, the NoseFrida. (Yes, that gross thing.)

Nosefrida review - best gift for new parents

I dedicate this review to the things we do for our child that may be disgusting but are for their overall good.

NoseFrida by fridababy snotsucker

via FridaBaby

I wish I had time to think of all of those things that I have already done since having kids, which I never thought I would do, like suck snot out of their noses using the suction of my own breath. (See above picture.)

Actually, no, let’s not rehash those things. But all you moms out there already know, so why do I need to tell you?
I purchased one of these miracles, the NoseFrida, when my oldest was an infant (he’s now 6).
If you have not seen a NoseFrida, you can clear out your child’s nose with the air suction that you control using the flow tube. Make sure you have a filter in, though!! Let’s not even think about what would happen.
I had to purchase mine at a compounding pharmacy back 6 years ago, but now they now sell them at Walgreens, CVS, Target, and probably more locations.
NoseFrida snotsucker by fridababy

via FridaBaby

This little contraption is a seriously genius invention which I now purchase for friends when they have a baby because it is so great. It is one of those baby items I would have on the ‘must-have’ list right under feeding and diapering items. Those bulbs and electric suckers have nothing on this disgustingly awesome snot sucker.

Originally posted October 22, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.