Free Dog Matching Games for Kids Printable


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If you’re needing an extra activity to keep little ones busy try this fun dog memory matching games for toddlers printable! It’s totally free to download and super fun to play!

I know it’s not just me who experienced more time in the house than EVER before over the past year. Between the world shutting down, crazy weather, AND a pregnancy, I feel like we spent months and months (and months) indoors.

Having a toddler at home meant trying to find things to keep us engaged and occupied (and honestly we watched a lot of television). Any time I could find an activity to keep his attention for a few minutes I pounced on it!

As a kid who is just starting to understand games (he recently turned three), I’ve been trying to find new ways to play. He also happens to adore dogs, so a game that incorporates dogs in it is a major bonus!

Trying to find fun and free printables to use at home has become a new hobby and now that baby number two will be arriving soon (possibly already here by the time you’re reading this) it’s become even more important to me!

This dog memory matching games for toddlers printable incorporates all things my son will love: pictures of dogs, fun facts about dogs, and getting to play a game with mom! It’s also great for kids of all ages, adults included. (I’m a fan of memory match games myself, ha!)

The best part is it’s totally free and all you need to do is print it below. No signing up for an email list or anything, just hit the link below to print and it’s all yours.

Once you print all you need to do is cut out the cards and if you want to keep the cards in shape for the long-haul consider laminating before you take the scissors to them. 

Dog Memory Matching Games for Toddlers Printable

matching games for toddlers printable Splendry

Hope this fun matching game helps you fight boredom indoors! If you need a few more ideas here are some fun coloring sheets too!

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