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Koala Crate: The Perfect Subscription Box for Toddlers

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Looking for fun projects for toddlers? The Koala Crate is perfect for children 2-4!

Let’s start with a friendly reminder to take a peek through the supposed “junk” mail that might be tossed without checking! You know how subscription boxes often come with a few random ads/offers for other products? In my last Home Chef box there was a postcard letting me know I could try out a kid’s subscription box for free, and I’m so glad I saw it before it hit the trash! 

I am somewhat familiar with Kiwi Co and know they make great activity subscription boxes for kids (we’ve even reviewed one on Splendry already), but I didn’t know they had a box perfect for toddlers. Hello, Koala Crate!

Koala Crate Review

koala crate box review

Koala Crate is the perfect subscription box for toddlers!

Koala Crate, part of the Kiwi Co Company, makes it easy to create and learn with little ones. I was really impressed with the box we received and my son enjoyed it too! (I suppose that’s the real point, right?)

How it Works:

  1. Pick which crate subscription fits the age of your child. There are five lines to choose from: ages 0-16+, plus, you can change boxes at any time! I went with the Koala Box (ages 2-4) for my 3 year old. 
  2. Choose your subscription length, $19.95 for 1 month to $16.95/mo for 12 months (there’s a link at the bottom of the post where you can save 50% off your first box).
  3. Receive your crate and create! Each box has a theme and the theme of this one was rainbows. 

My 3 year-old, like most 3 year-olds, has the attention span of, well, a 3 year-old (however when it comes to golf he has the attention span of a 40 year old man, go figure). When it comes to art projects or crafts he’s usually ready to move on to something else by the time I get the supplies together. 

That’s one of the things I love about this box, everything is prepped and ready to go! No waiting on me to cut things out or rummage in drawers looking for pipe cleaners!

Koala Crate review

Opening his first Koala Crate

Inside our Koala Crate box:

  • Imagine! magazine that included information on rainbows as well as a short story, seek & find game, and some activities to try.
  • Instruction booklet.
  • Supplies for 3 different rainbow themed projects – stained glass art, a rainbow tote bag, and a cloud pillow. 

We tackled the cloud pillow first as it looked to be the easiest (really, they were all easy!). The instruction booklet showed this project to be on the “low messiness” side while needing a medium amount of adult help, and they were right. 

Koala Crate Rainbow Pillow

The cutest rainbow pillow project from Koala Crate.

I’ll be honest, I may have done most of the sticking of the rainbow stickers on this one as my child didn’t seem to care whether his rainbow looked like a rainbow or a hodge-podge of colors, and well, I guess I have control issues. :)

Anyway, I “guided” his sticker sticking but let him go to town on stuffing the pillow because I’m a relaxed and cool mom. (Did I convince you??)

koala crate pillow stuffing

A super easy pillow project from Koala Crate

Super cute project and took about 10 minutes total to complete.

Later in the week a rainy day gave us opportunity for the next projects and I actually let him do all most of the work!

The stained glass involved punching out paper pieces to stick on a frame followed by creating your stained glass design with pre-cut tissue squares. This is one of those projects that would take you a while to prep on your own if you were starting from scratch, but Koala Crate has everything ready for you! 

Koala Crate stained glass creation

Creating his “stained glass” design for this Koala Crate project.

Koala Crate Stained Glass project for toddlers

Showing off his Koala Crate stained glass design.

The rainbow tote bag might have been his favorite project of the box, any excuse to play with water, right? While this project had a high messiness rating, laying down an old towel before getting to work kept my table (and all our clothing) free from any mess. 

koala crate rainbow tote bag

Water droplets turn this tote bag into a fun tie-dye creation from the Koala Crate.

Koala Crate Tie-Dye Tote Bag

I might have chosen the sticker placement of these clouds on this Koala Crate project, ha!

All three of these projects were easy for my toddler to complete (with a little assistance here and there) and took just the right amount of time. 

Did We Love It?

We did! We read through the magazine, spent some time making some cool projects (that I didn’t have to think up or prep), learned about rainbows, and best of all, it took up time! (If you’ve got kids you know that finding something to eat up a chunk of the day is always needed!)

I’m already looking forward to the next box! If you want to try it for yourself, use this link to take 50% off your first month of any KiwiCo subscription (pick the box that works for your child’s age). 

Looking for more kid’s subscription box ideas? How about these boxes for budding budding chefs and future entrepreneurs?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.