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Boss Club is the Coolest New Box Kids will Love

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Thank you to Boss Club for sending this box for Aubrie to try! All opinions are her own. This post also contains affiliate links meaning purchases made through included links may result in Splendry earning a small commission at no cost to you.

Y’all. I was lucky enough to get to try out the new Boss Club box recently, and they are like none that I have seen before. This mom gives them a very emphatic ‘YES’! 

Though I feel that really says it all, I will go ahead an explain why I love it so much. AND you can enter below to win one for your kids!

Boss Club Box Review - Splendry

What is BOSS CLUB CO.?

This ‘business in a box” company has the specific goal of teaching kids ages 7-14+ the step-by-step process to start and run a business. Their mission is “to inspire and train the next generation of entrepreneurs…kids use our kits to build real companies that can make real money.”

How it works:

  1. Choose the type of business you would like to create & purchase your box kit- $39.99.
  2. Follow instruction manual inside the kit to start up your business.  
  3. Get the word out to create a customer base and sell your product.
  4. Re-order a supply kit to repeat the process over and over again! – supply kits start at $20.

The test kit we were offered was to make dog treats. Well, I happen to have a 7-year-old that lives and breathes all things DOG, and he also has a ‘self-motivational’ drive that I envy. And, as predicted, he was in!

We received our Homemade Dog Treat Business box the first week of November.

Boss Club box review - Splendry

Inside the box was everything (except eggs and water) needed to start our business:

  • 40+ page start-up guide book with easy to follow instructions on how to get going, marketing your product, and growing your business. The curriculum is very well written, and can be adjusted to the child’s age with the choice of “easy, medium, and expert” so that any age can understand the basic business lessons.
  • Pre-measured ingredients in individual, labeled foil packages: flour, peanut butter, oats, parsley, and salt — all you need is water and 2 eggs. Makes about 50 treats.

*If you have allergies to any of these products, the recipe would be easy to adjust. Or, the company can be contacted for alternatives.

  • 1 dog bone-shaped cookie cutter
  • 10 bakery bags
  • 10 sticker labels with space to write your business name of choice
  • 10 allergen information stickers for each bag
  • 3 advertising flyers *suggestions of what to write are included in the start-up guide*
  • 10 bag insert cards – these are used to write something personal to tell the story of your business to your customers. This took awhile for my son, since he is only 7, but he got it done.
  • 3 coupon templates to give to repeat customers
  • 10 “Thank You” notes to write each customer
  • 1 Sharpie pen

I was very impressed that the instruction booklet was truly as easy to follow as advertised.    

Boss Club box review - Splendry

The first section of the guide explained how to create a business after coming up with your idea (ours was obviously given to us already). We were given the treat recipe and instructions on how to use the ingredients.  

Simon then got to work making his first batch of treats.

Boss Club box review - Splendry Boss Club Box review - Splendry

While the treats baked, Simon named his business and labeled his treat bags, and wrote out the info cards to insert.

Simon had been looking for a way to start saving money for college (*seriously, his own idea*), so he included that as his ‘why’ on the info cards.

Boss Club Box review - Splendry


Name inspired by our own favorite pups, Sprocket and Harpo:

Boss Club Box review - Splendry

Simon next read section two to learn how to market his treats. It gave him a breakdown of how much each bag cost to produce, and how much to charge to create a profit.

After the treats were baked and cooled, Simon decided on pricing and packaging, based on the guide recommendations. He was ready to sell!

Boss Club Box review - Splendry
The final section of the start-up guide taught him how to create a customer base, logging purchases and customer info, and how to grow your business.

He worked on his sales pitch (graciously practiced on with the grandparents) and later made his first real sale!

Boss Club Box review - Splendry
Simon even independently decided to talk to his school principal about hanging one of his flyers at school. Between our friends, family, neighbors, and school, he sold out of his first 10 bags in a week!

We reordered supplies, and Simon decided that to be more efficient he should hire an employee – his grandpa!

Boss Club Box review - Splendry

His business is off and running, and with just two months of business experience, he has sold over 70 bags of treats!! (I think the smile of a 7-year-old raising money for college goes a long way in entrepreneurial world!)

I think I am going to apply for a job with Sprocket and Harpo’s Dog Treat Co.!

Boss Club Box review - Splendry

Man. So worth it. As I mentioned at the beginning, I highly recommend Boss Club! I did have to clarify a few things for my son, but the process was primarily implemented by him. And, as suggested in the booklet, I handled the oven responsibilities. The older the child is, I imagine the more independent the process would be from the parent. I did really enjoy working on this alongside my son, though.

For me, the best part of this experience was watching my son work through the start-up, gaining valuable skills that can be applied in various aspects of his life as he grows up, learning how to interact with customers, and, most of all, the self confidence gained in the whole process. You can follow Simon’s business progress on Instagram!

Think your kids would love this box? You could win one! Use the form below to enter and a winner will be announced here on 1/18/2019. Must be 18 or older to enter.

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