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Kid-Approved Family Activities

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Running low on ideas for activities for kids at home? These kid-approved ideas will provide hours of entertainment and activity everyone will enjoy!

My kids compiled a list of activities you can do at home that are fun for the whole family. PLUS, they apply educational skills through experience) Here are eight kid-chosen activities:

activities for kids at home - Splendry

1. Kid-Made Scavenger Hunt

Let your kid make a homemade scavenger hunt for the whole family. This is a great exercise in creativity, problem solving, and writing skills. For younger kids, you can help them make picture clues.

My 8 year old made a scavenger hunt for his brother and created clues you can print here

activities for kids at home - Splendry
scavenger hunt clue

2. Game Tournament

Create a list of card & board games. Then create a tournament bracket (or you can print one) that your family can complete each day!
activites for kids at home - Splendry

3. Silhouette Art

silhouette art

This is a cool art project kids will love to work on. It’s the classic silhouette artwork you grew up with, but with a fun modern take that you’ll be happy to display.

4. Service Projects

Find simple ways to give back to others.

Things like:

  • mailing cards and notes to the elderly, friends, family, and community workers
  • picking up trash around the neighborhood
  • sending care baskets to shut-ins, etc.

    mailing cards to loved ones

    creating cards and notes

5. Make a Kindness Tree

A fun project that kids will love to create and that promotes acts of kindness!

6. Indoor Obstacle Course

Let your kids make a homemade Indoor Obstacle Course for the whole family. This is a great exercise!

obstacle course obstacle course

activities for kids at home - obstacle course

Here’s a quick time-lapse of our course:

7. Record & Send Video Greetings to friends & family

8. Chalk Art Messages For Your Neighbors

Leave a drawing or positive message for the neighbors on your driveway or sidewalk.
activities for kids at home - sidewalk chalk messages sidewalk chalk messages

We would love to hear what you are coming up to do with your family at home, please share your ideas. And if you need some ideas for kid’s coloring pages or worksheets we have those too!

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Mohit Sharma

Saturday 18th of April 2020

These activities are really the best i have ever seen for kids. Indoor games have much more merits when compared with outdoor games. I used to play puzzles, carom, board games etc. when i was a kid.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.