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5 Educational Websites Kids Will Love

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There’s something about the computer or phone that attracts your kid’s attention like no other (well, yours too probably!). Even though my little one is still too young for these things, today I’m on a mission to find the latest and greatest educational websites kids will love and they’ll give them an advantage when it comes to reading, phonics, math, language, and more!

Here are five educational websites you need to check out!

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5 Educational Websites Kids Will Love

1. Duolingo

Cost: Free! (There are upgrades you can pay for if you’d like.)

I LOVE Duolingo and use it myself to learn French! The site/app are recommended for ages 4 and up and it’s a science-based way to learn a new language. (They actually have a lot of studies included on their website showing the effectiveness of this teaching method.) There are lots of languages to choose from and kids and adults alike will enjoy learning in this fun and fast-paced method.

Users earn points for correct answers, try to beat the clock and move to higher levels. Lessons come in small doses and you build on knowledge as you go. Each lesson contains different speaking, translation, listening and multiple choice challenges.

2. Reading Eggs

Cost: $59/year for all-access (1/2 price for additional children), you can get a free 3 week trial

Many schools utilize this website and you can use it at home too! Reading Eggs is an online phonics/reading website parents and kids love. With different levels for kids, Reading Eggs helps kids ages 2-13 with reading and phonics, and Mathseeds for kids 3-9.

Reading Eggs works to provide kids who are preparing for school or struggling with reading with individual lessons helping them grow and progress at their own pace. The program makes it fun and kids will actually want to sit down and learn!

3. Ally Dog Depot

Cost: Introductory membership price is a one-time fee of $4.99 (cost will go up in time, so get in now!)

Ally Dog Depot is a new interactive website that uses the power of music to discover the fun of math. Created by educators, the goal is to provide families and teachers with resources in a fun and new way while comprehending new concepts through musical examples. Members get an all-access pass to the video library, activities and downloadable songs.

Designed for children ages 3-6, the videos, music, and activities are delivered in small, bite-sized portions. Kids are engaging their higher-level thinking skills while having fun. Foundational math concepts like number sense, sequencing, and more, come to life through hands-on activities and problem solving.

4. Teach Your Monster to Read

Cost: Computer version is free (app cost is $4.99)

Designed for kids in the first first stages of reading, or older kids who need practice, Teach Your Monster to Read is a fun game kids will love. The game covers everything from letters and sounds to full sentences and was designed by leading academics.

Children meet fun characters and collect rewards, feeling motivated by progress (and learning more!). As they move through the game they encounter lots of reading skills including matching letters to sounds, blending, reading full sentences, and more.

5. Prodigy Math

Cost: Free (upgrades/tracking are extra for parents, always free for teachers)

Designed for grades 1-8, Prodigy Math provides over 1200 crucial math skills, ensuring kids are ready for standardized testing. Children are assessed at the start, ensuring they receive the individualized assistance they need.

Prodigy Math plays just like a video game, only battles and rewards are won and earned through answering math questions correctly. Kids are motivated to learn so they can progress through the different levels of the game. While the graphics of the game itself are more reminiscent of older games, kids won’t mind, they’ll just know they’re having fun!

What are the educational websites you love for your kids? 

Originally published July 26, 2018

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.