0 Baby Cat & Jack Box from Target

This post contains affiliate links meaning purchases through included links may result in Splendry earning a small commission at no cost to you. When I first found out I was pregnant I was mildly obsessed with Target’s baby clothing. I…

0 5 Kid Activities Perfect for Cold Weather

Cold temperatures can sometimes mean you’re trapped inside with over-energized little humans! Try one of these sanity-saver kid activities when you have run out of ideas! 1. Paper Snowflakes This is a classic. It’s great for working fine motor skills…

Gift Guide
5 Kid’s Gift Guide

Still trying to get your hands on a Hatchimal this year? Our Kid’s Gift Guide has lots of great options to choose from, no matter what your kids are in to! Smart Numbers The perfect combination of physical and digital play…

1 Monster Bean Bag Toss

I don’t know about you but I have kind of an “on again/off again” relationship with Pinterest. It is a glorious smorgasbord of ideas and info, but I can get overwhelmed with the perfection at times. So, here I have for…

1 Easy DIY Summer Games to Make

We’ve rounded up some great ideas for summer fun! Check out this list of easy DIY summer games to make and play with your family and friends, we know you’ll find one or two you love! 1. Ring Toss Game…

3 The (DIY) Kindness Tree

The Purpose:  The Kindness Tree holds the hearts of kindness that are witnessed when an act of kindness is done by others. You see someone being kind – they get a heart on the tree. The Background: Before I go…

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