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Did You Know You Could Recycle That?

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In honor of Earth Day coming up I wanted to share some things I recently discovered could be recycled. In our house we have a large trash bin for trash and the same size bin for items to recycle and my goal is to always have the recycle bin as full or more full than the trash bin. So along with the basic glass containers, aluminum containers, cardboard, etc., there are a variety other things that can be recycled that you might not think about. Here are some other items I found out you can recycle.

A list of things you might not know you could recycle!

  1. Aluminum Foil

I’ve switched to using aluminum foil over plastic wrap because you can recycle it! Just make sure you wipe it clean and it’s good to be recycled.

  1. Baby Food Containers

If you are like me and seem to go through an insane amount of plastic baby food containers, it’s at least good to know that I can wash them out and recycle them when I am done.

  1. Plastic Cereal Wrappers

While the cardboard of cereal boxes is recyclable many times the plastic that the cereal comes in, inside the box is also recyclable. These normally must be washed out and recycled with plastic shopping bags.

  1. Bubble Wrap from Packages

If you get a package from a well-known online company many times the bubble wrap inside can be recycled with plastic bags. Walmart will take plastic bags from any store and all you have to do is drop them off.

  1. Red Solo Cups

We have all used these for a large gathering, but did you also know they can be recycled? Next time you have a party make sure you recycle your cups!

  1. Magazines

When you are done reading that magazine and have your recipes cut out, make sure to recycle it!

This is what I have found so far in my quest to recycle more. Are there any unusual things that you found out you can recycle that I missed?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.