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I am not a crafty person, but y’all, I enjoyed making these chip clips so much! They were simple and turned out super adorable. I used them as hostess gifts for my baby shower but they would make great teacher gifts or co-worker gifts or whatever. Everyone uses chip clips and when you add the magnetic feature, the options are endless!

Here is what you need:
  • Clothes pins (wide is better than traditional)
  • Fabric Tape
  • Magnets
  • Kraft paper tags or cardstock
  • Hot glue gun

chip clip diy gifts - Splendry

Set out a clothes pin and measure the length of it with the fabric tape. Then cut however many strips you need.

Chip clip DIY gifts - Splendry

I got the clothes pins online at Michaels. (Find them near you.) I chose them for the following reasons: They were wider, had a lovely dark stain, and pretty, silver hardware. I also got the fabric tape from Michaels. (Find this set in a store near you.) They had a very Pioneer Woman feel to them so, obviously, I got them.

fabric tape - Chip Clip DIY Gifts - Splendry

Peel off a little bit of the tape and make sure the end is securely fastened. Then peel and press the tape down.

Chip Clip DIY Gifts - Splendry

Add the magnets.  Make them good and long so that the clips will have more support.

adding magnet to chip clip diy gift - Splendry

The magnet tape seemed like a good idea at the time, however, most of my magnets have fallen off! I would reinforce the magnet tape with a hot glue gun because you want those babies to stick! The magnets are what make these extra awesome.

Clip the magnets in sets of 3-5 (I think odd numbers look better) onto your paper tags or card stock and write whatever message you want! I doubled up on the tags to make them thicker.

gift tags - Chip Clip DIY Gifts - Splendry

Chip Clip DIY Gifts - Splendry

Ta-da! An affordable, useful, and cute gift. Who doesn’t need more chip clips in the house? With wedding season (therefore wedding shower season) and the end of school upon us, give these cutie pies a shot.

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