Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder


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My daughters are getting older and we thought we had moved past our bow organizer stage so we got rid of it. But due to a recent, not entirely planned, short haircut, we needed to break out the bows. I only imagine us really using this for about a year so I didn’t want to put a lot of time or money into anything. Also, I am lazy.

Supplies needed:
  • Decorative sign from your local craft store, Mine cost under $6 (wait until they are half off)
  • Ribbon on sale for $.99
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue (seriously you need a glue gun, they are so cheap and a lazy DIYers best friend)
  • Bows!

Step 1: You need something for those bows to dangle from. You of course can get an unfinished wood cut-out at most craft stores and paint it and personalize it to your heart’s content. But that doesn’t sound quite lazy enough to me. They do sell pre-painted wooden cut-outs but they aren’t quite big enough for big kid bows. Also I wanted something versatile enough that I could repurpose. My local craft store had all of their decorative wall art 50% off so that was the perfect solution for me.  Make sure you stick to wooden signs so that the glue has something to grab onto.

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder Supplies

Step 2: Cut your ribbon into equal lengths. Get the bows out and see how many rows you want and how wide you need to space them. To be honest I would normally buy my ribbon a little bit wider than this but it was just too perfect a match with the sign.

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder sign and ribbons

Step 3: Fold over a little bit of ribbon at the bottom of each piece and secure it with a tiny bit of hot glue. This keeps the ribbons from curling up.

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder gluing ribbons

Step 4: Glue the tops of the ribbons to the back of your sign. Feel free to measure so that everything is even. I did not. I do what I want. Make sure you leave enough ribbon at the top so you can really secure the ribbon down with the glue gun. If your ribbon has a pattern make sure you are gluing the right side. Not that you would ever make that mistake.

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder gluing ribbons on the sign

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder attached ribbons

All done!

Step 5: Hang it up and put those bows on!

Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder

When you’re done with the bow stage you can pull the ribbon off the back of the sign and still use it for decoration in your kid’s room. It may pull a little paint with it but it’s on the back so who cares. See? Lazy.

Originally published September 10, 2015

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