How to Make a Wooden Candle Holder


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Last winter we had a large Bradford pear come down in a huge ice storm. While I was sad to lose a tree, I thought it would be a good time to try a project I’ve had on my mind. I’ve seen various wooden candle holders on display in store and house and I’ve always liked how they’ve looked. But I wasn’t thrilled with the price tag that came along with them. So when our tree came down I figure it was time to make a wooden candle holder. Here’s how to do it!

DIY Wooden Candle Holder tutorial - Splendry

Find a straight limb about 3 to 4 inches in diameter.  I also had my husband cut a couple three inch blocks from the trunk, more about that later.

How to make a wooden candle holder cut limb

Cut the limb down to whatever length you desire. We did ours about 32 inches.

How to make a wooden candle holder cutting limb

Then we used a Ryobi table saw to cut one side off to make it flat. (I didn’t get a picture of the actual process because I was helping cut the limb and that would be dangerous. Ha!)

How to make a wooden candle holder table saw cutting limb

Now I was ready to drill my holes. We ordered a 2 inch Forstner drill bit off of ebay. We couldn’t find this exact bit in any of the big box stores. You want a bit that will drill a large hole so that’s why it’s a little harder to fine.

How to make a wooden candle holder drill

Then it was time to drill and drill and drill. This was kind of slow going and took some time because it really just shaves off the wood a little at a time. We made each hole about four inches away from each center.

How to make a wooden candle holder drilling into limb

I don’t have an exact measurement on how far to drill because we just eye balled it. Basically when we thought it would hold a tea cup candle.

How to make a wooden candle holder drilled wood

After we did all of the holes I covered it with a coat of polyurethane and that’s it! Pretty simple and cheap!

How to make a wooden candle holder finished

Now about those tree stumps. I also coated them with polyurethane and used them as decorations on my mantle. I love how they look especially with fall colors!

How to make a wooden candle holder cut wood

How to make a wooden candle holder cut stump

This was a quick and simple fall project and I am so happy with how it turned out! Do you think you might be able to give this project a try?! Let me know if you do!!! Happy fall y’all!!!

Originally published October 24, 2016

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