How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging


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Want to learn how to macrame? This decor trend has made a comeback recently and we’ll show you how to make your own gorgeous wall hanging! A perfect craft for any skill-level and great for those days at home!
The macrame trend from the 70’s has made a definitive comeback. I wanted to give it a try, instead of paying for the *beautiful*, but heavily priced, retail options. 
I saw a picture online of one that I liked, but I had no luck of finding a FREE tutorial for that one in particular. I figured I would still give it a shot based on the basic knots I had learned. 
So, here is my version for you!
how to macrame - Splendry

Easy Macrame Wall Hanging Tutorial

Supplies used: 

how to macrame supplies - Splendry


1. Beginning from 1/2 inch above the hoop, bend your {un-cut} cord then pull the ends down as far as you think you would like them to hang. 
how to macrame - Splendry
2. Use the first cord to measure the remaining cords you want to use. I used 16 cord strands. 
3. With each of the strings, fold each one in half making a loop at the top. Place the loop behind the ring then pull the loose hanging ends in front of the ring and through the loop. Pull tight. 
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
macrame diy tutorial
4. Next, using half of the knots, you will take an individual cord strand and pull it down diagonally to the bottom of the ring. Knot the strand to the hoop, pull it tight so that the diagonal portion is taught. Let the remaining loose end hang down as part of your fringe for later. Repeat with the rest of ONE side. 
how to macrame - Splendry
how to macrame - Splendry
5. With the other half of your cords, you are going to weave each strand under an opposite strand. 
I started at the top with the closest strand to the diagonal I just made. I pulled the current strand under the first diagonal strand, then knot it diagonally at the other end of the hoop just like before. 
With each subsequent strand you will pull it under the NEXT diagonal strand. When you finish you should have a ‘ V ‘ shape in the middle of your hoop. 
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry

Now for the fringe!

6. Cut 18 strands where they are long enough to loop and hang the same length as your previous strands. 
7. Starting with the outside of the strands, make your same loop knot as you did at the top of the hoop. Repeat with each strand in between the single knotted strands (the new strands alternate in between the knots already made) ending with one on the outside of your other end. 
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
8. To fill out your fringe now you want to pull apart the strands (this was the methodical part to me!)
I chose to pull apart each strand completely except for a scattered few that I only did partly so that there would be a little hidden depth here and there. 
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
how to make a macrame wall hanging - Splendry
9. Finally, add a hanging string at the top, and put it on your wall! Done!
how to macrame - Splendry
Now that’s you’ve got macrame cord, how about making one of these other cool projects
Originally published April 15, 2019
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  1. Avatar
    dulce ramirez on

    que padre queda y muy bien explicado parece muy fácil de hacer lo haré el día de hoy. y te comunicaré el resultado. gracias!!!

  2. Avatar
    Michelle L Lutz on

    Can you clarify step 5? I’m having trouble knowing where to weave.. Thanks. I love this design and hope to make it.

    • Avatar

      Hi Michelle! I had to play with this a little to get it to hold, since I was just creating my own based on a picture…but, taking each individual strand (there are two to a loop knot), start under the most nearby tied strand going diagonally left, and about halfway pull it back forward. This will help keep it in place. Then tie your knot to the far left of the hoop. It might help to enlarge the picture on that step, too. Your might look a little different than mine, but the key to keeping the shape is the weaving in and out of the opposite, tied strands. By the end of step 5, all of the strings from your right group should be all the way to the left of the first group of knots.
      Once they are all tied at the bottom you can push them together, and tighten the strings and knots. this will naturally help keep the diamond in place. I hope this helps!!

  3. Avatar
    Michelle L Lutz on

    I’m having so much trouble figuring out the step 5 where you weave and tie the strings from the right under the left. I am not getting a V. Can you enlighten me??? Please??

  4. Avatar

    Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial! Made one for my daughter who is in college. I added a macrame feather and it turned out so darn cute!

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