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Fun DIYs in 30 Minutes or Less! A Modern Wreath

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I love a good (and easy!) DIY project, but what I love even more is a fun project I can easily complete quickly! And if I can knock it out during naptime, even better! Fun DIYs in 30 minutes or less are just what I need and this modern wreath definitely fits the bill.

Quick Fun DIYS

I’ve been wanting to update my front door wreath for a longtime. I’ve had it for years (and years) and it’s seen better days. What was once a sparkly silver twig wreath has now yellowed over time and it sheds pieces of glitter and sequin constantly. 

I’m not one for traditional decor so a “regular” wreath of branches or burlap just isn’t me. I’d seen some more modern looking wreaths on Pinterest, ones that used metal rings and I really liked the look! I made one trip to Hobby Lobby and Walmart and had all the supplies I needed for this project. 

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Modern Wreath Supplies

fun diys - Modern Fall Wreath

  • Metal Ring (I used a 14″ found at Hobby Lobby near the embroidery and macrame supplies, Amazon has them too)
  • Hot glue gun 
  • Floral Wire
  • Flowers*
  • Lamb’s Ear (I found at Walmart for $2)
  • Eucalyptus (I found at Walmart for $3)

*I purchased my fake flowers at Hobby Lobby but Walmart had some good options too. For my design I purchased a bundle of dark/light purple flowers, one pink carnation, and a yellow pom pom bush. I bought more flowers than I needed for the wreath but I plan to use them in other decorating!


1. I started by cutting a branch of Lamb’s Ear off and using floral wire to attach it to my metal ring. 

fun diys - Modern Fall Wreath - Splendry

2. I attached another branch going higher up on the other side. 

3. Now I took a branch of Eucalyptus and placed it on top of the Lamb’s Ear and secured that with floral wire. I repeated this on the other side. 

fun diys - Modern DIY Wreath - Splendry fun diys - Modern DIY Wreath - Splendry

Now for the fun part!

4. I pulled a few of the purple flowers off the stems and cut my pink flower and a few poms off.

fun DIYS - modern wreath - Splendry

Now I got to play around with my design. Ideally my purple bouquet would have had different sized flowers but I just went with what I had! I decided to use two dark purple, one light purple, the pink carnation, and a few pom poms.

fun DIYs - modern wreath - Splendry

5. I glued my flowers to the wreath and made sure they were secured to each other. That’s it!

fun DIYS - modern wreath on Splendry

One of the nice things about this project is that it’s very forgiving as you go. After I started securing my flowers I realized I wanted my Lamb’s Ear and Eucalyptus to lay flatter to the ring. No problem, I just added more wire. 

Even as I started gluing I was able to pop flowers off and peel off glue to move things around. In reality this took me about 20 minutes, and that included taking two phone calls during the project! I popped the hanging ribbon off my old wreath and tied it on to the new one and it worked great!

fun DIYs - modern wreath - Splendry

Looking for some other fun fall DIY projects? We’ve got them!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.