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The Best Easy DIY Book Character Costumes for Kids

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Easy book character costumes perfect for Halloween and storybook fairs alike! 

School is back in session and that means all the school activities you’re involved in are just beginning too!

Nothing says “parent involvement” like a school dress-up day, right? Between school spirit and silly dress-up days, there’s usually a costume day thrown in there somewhere too!

When it comes to easy book character costumes, we’re here to help you out! 

Many schools have started replacing traditional Halloween costumes and parties with book character dress-up days and even if your kids are totally on board, there’s still work to be done! We’ve got some favorite book character costume ideas we think will hit the mark and bring your kid’s favorite characters to life! 

These 15 easy kid costumes will earn you bonus points with your kids and you’ll earn an A+ in creativity (even if you borrowed the creative idea, we won’t tell!). It’s such a fun way for kids to bring their favorite characters to life! Sharing their love of a good book is the best!

Whether you’re a talented seamstress or more handy with a glue gun, there’s an option here for every crafting ability! Plus, we’ve added a few non-DIY options to the post as well. We know not everyone has the time or desire to attempt a DIY costume, we’ve got ideas for you too! 

Make sure you save this post for all your book character needs- World Book Day costume ideas, teacher book character costume ideas, or classic storybook characters, we’ve got your book costumes covered!

Easy Book Character Costumes for Halloween or School Dress Up Days

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DIY Easy Book Character Costumes

Dog Man, Fox in Socks, Harry Potter, or maybe Laura from Little House on the Prairie? So many awesome ideas!

Still looking for the right idea OR need something that’s less DIY and more “add to cart”? We’ve got you! Try these ideas for favorite storybook characters:

Now, go check the school calendar and start planning your awesome costumes!  Have more great ideas for book character day? We’d love to hear them!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.