The Perfect Fall Project: a DIY Wooden Pumpkin


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I had some scrap wood laying around our garage and I decided to make some of my own fall decorations. I wasn’t really sure what I would make but landed on making a large pumpkin and some leaves. Then I decided to add a “B”, the initial of my last name.

diy wooden pumpkin decoration - Splendry

To start, print a pumpkin, leaves and an initial outline design you like. Follow the tutorial here  on how I get what I print on paper onto large wooded pieces. Once all my pieces were traced I went out to the work shop. I cut the pumpkin with my jigsaw and the leaves and letter with my Ryobi scroll saw. To cut out the inside of the letter “B” I drilled two small holes just large enough that my jig saw could fit through. Then I proceeded to cut out the rest of the letter.

diy wooden pumpkin decor - Splendry

diy wooden pumpkin decor - Splendry

After I sanded the sides of everything I just cut out, I painted all the pieces. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled the leaves with glitter.

diy wooden pumpkin decor - Splendry

Lastly, I hot glued a bow I got from Hobby Lobby. I used wood glue and glued the initials and the leaves into place. This was a simple quick project and I was really happy with how it turned out. It would be really easy to add some string and hang on your front door. If you were going to do that I would probably add a water based polyurethane to the entire thing to give it a nice seal. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your fall project!

easy diy pumpkin decor - Splendry

Originally published October 29, 2018

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