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Easy DIY Pumpkin Art (that’s Cute AND Cheap!)

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A cute pumpkin craft that’s super simple to make and easy on your budget!

When I got married I promised to love, honor and compromise until death. I suppose that includes holiday decorating, right? While my taste falls on the modern/minimalist side, my husband is about as traditional-loving as they come.

Fortunately for me, he doesn’t care too much about things like home decor, but I do know he can appreciate some good ol’ fashioned holiday decorations. So while my idea of fall decor might run along the lines of golds, silvers and glitter, he’d like pumpkins (that are orange and not purple), rustic artwork and cheesy Trick-or-Treating decorations. Hey, you like what you like, right?

Trying to uphold my marriage vows, I’m always trying to compromise when it comes to decor, and I found an easy DIY that will blend his more “traditional” taste with my not so traditional style. This pumpkin art is about as easy a project as you can imagine, it took maybe 10 minutes total and cost me under $2!

DIY Pumpkin Craft Supplies

DIY Pumpkin Art Supplies

  • a picture frame (I used an old one I already had)
  • small Styrofoam pumpkin (this particular one is from Hobby Lobby -$2.99 and 40% off!)
  • scrapbook paper (again, I already had)
  • knife
  • glue gun

1. First step, cut your pumpkin in half behind the stem. I used a regular serrated kitchen knife and slowly sawed the pumpkin until I could pop it in two.

DIY Pumpkin art cut styrofoam pumpkin

2. Use wire cutters or scissors to cut off the stem.

DIY Pumpkin Art cut pumpkin with stem removed

3. The toughest part of the whole project? Choosing the scrapbook paper! Once you make your choice, cut the paper to fit your frame, insert it and close up the back.

DYI Pumpkin craft Scrapbook paper

DIY Pumpkin Art Framed paper

4. Add some hot glue to the picture frame glass and stick your pumpkin half in place! That’s it!

DIY Pumpkin craft Framed Pumpkin cover

A super easy fall or Halloween pumpkin craft that you can completely customize to make your own! Plus, when fall is over I can pop the pumpkin off, peel off the glue and reuse the frame!

DIY Pumpkin Art Framed Pumpkin 3

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Originally published October 19, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.