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Easy DIY Marbled Vases

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I have a pretty minimalist style when it comes to my home decor. While I love bright colors, I prefer to use them as accents throughout my home and keep my walls mostly white in the living areas.

I’ve got a long white mantle in the living room and have been toying with changing it up a bit for spring. While I love having this mirror as the main focal point, I want to add a little bit of color too!

I’ve got several clear glass vases around the house (left over from my wedding) and thought I’d see if I could make some cool DIY marbled vases like I keep seeing all over!

Easy DIY Marbled Vases

Gorgeous DIY marbled vases using only nail polish and water! These vases are so fun and easy to make!

This was my starting point: pretty boring!

Easy DIY marbled vase empty mantle

Not only is this project really easy, it’s pretty cheap too! (And all I purchased was a can of primer!)

Items needed:

  • Vase(s)
  • White primer or spray paint (I used Valspar primer. )
  • Nail polish

You read that right, this project is done with nail polish! How fun is that? And if you’re like me, you’ve already got about a million bottles to pick from!

**Feel free to practice your technique on a disposable cup before you use your vase.**


1. Give your vases a nice coating of spray paint or primer. I let mine sit outside in the sun for about an hour and then brought them inside for another hour or so until they no longer felt sticky.

Easy DIY marbled vases using white vases

2. Grab a container that you don’t mind tossing after you’re done. I used a plastic container I had that was long and deep enough for a taller vase.

3. Fill your container with warm water.

4. Grab your nail polish and pour a few drops into the water. Don’t pour from too high up or the polish will sink to the bottom of the container. If you need to stir the color a bit, use a toothpick or bamboo skewer.

Easy DIY marbled vases showing nail polish in water

5. Make sure you’re ready to dip your container pretty quickly after you drop the nail polish in the water. Dip your item and turn in the water to get the coverage you’d like. Add more drops of polish and dip the other end if desired.

Eays DIY Marbled vases dipping vase into water with nail poish

Easy DIY Marbled vase dipping vase into nail polish

Easy DIY Marbled Vase after dipping vase into nail polish and water

6. Let dry completely. You can always use a clear sealant spray now if you’d like.

Easy DIY Marbled Vase project using nail polish and water

Easy DIY Marbled vases using nail polish and water

I love the finished look! It’s just the right touch of color I was looking for!

easy DIY marbled vases - Splendry

This technique also works on ceramic dishes:

Easy DIY Marbled dish technique using nail polish and water

Easy DIY Marbled dish using nail polish and waterA set of watercolor marbled coffee mugs or jewelry dishes might just make a great gift!

I also tried a similar technique to make this custom DIY marbled art! What do you think?

Originally published April 27, 2015

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Sarah Hughes

Tuesday 30th of January 2018

What a cute idea!


Monday 6th of March 2017

These are so pretty and a fun project!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.