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DIY Halloween Jars

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These DIY Halloween Jars are a fun and easy project whether you’re a seasoned crafter or not!

As a kid we did lots of Mod Podge crafts – from Christmas ornaments to jewelry making, it seemed we always had a jar or two on hand! As an adult, I don’t use Mod Podge as often as I used to, and every time I do attempt a project that involves it, I’m reminded once again how fun it is! 

DIY Halloween jars using mod podge on

diy Halloween jars - Splendry

What you’ll need:

DIY Halloween Jars Supplies 3

  • Mason Jars (I found a case of 12 for about $8 at Big Lots)
  • Assorted tissue paper
  • Black paper (not tissue, more like printer paper)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush or foam brush

DIY Halloween Jars

You can definitely get as creative with this project as you’d like!!

1. If you plan to paint your jar lids, go ahead and do that first! Tape the inside circle to the lid to keep in place and then flip over onto sheets of newspaper and cover with a few coats of desired spray paint. I used black.

2. Once you decide on the color of a particular jar, take a sheet of tissue paper and trace around the bottom of your mason jar with a pencil and cut out. (You don’t have to be exact here, you could even cut one larger than the bottom.)

DIY Halloween Jars tracing bottom

3. Take a sheet of tissue paper and measure the length of the jar from bottom to top. Cut all the way across the tissue paper so you have one long piece (close to) the height of your jar.

DIY Halloween jars measuring jar

DIY Halloween Jars cutting strips

4. Cut strips of the tissue in 1-2″ width.

DIY Halloween Jars Strips and Bottom cut

5. Now the fun part! Take your brush and dip into your Mod Podge. Paint a thin layer on the bottom of your jar. Place your tissue circle on top and then paint another layer of Mod Podge on top.

DIY Halloween Jars modge podged bottomIf you haven’t used Mod Podge before, don’t worry about the white glue showing, it will dry clear! Here’s another example of a bottom circle cut larger than the jar. Either way works!

DIY Halloween Jars bottom 1

5. Paint a line of Mod Podge from the rim of the glass to the jar bottom making sure to overlap with the bottom piece somewhere. Place a tissue strip on top of the glue and smooth out as best you can before painting more Mod Podge on top. Continue working around the jar with tissue strips/Mod Podge.

DIY Halloween Jars Painting strips on

6. Once you’ve covered the jar, place it upside down on scrap paper to dry.

DIY Halloween Jars drying

DIY Halloween Jars jars drying

7. Let your jars dry completely. At least a few hours or overnight. Then, get started on your faces!

8. You can get as creative as you want here! I took black paper and drew my outlines with a pencil before cutting them out.

DIY Halloween Jars Vampire Face cutout

My “Vampire” face!

9. Use the same Mod Podge method to apply your face. Paint on a thin area of glue and then place your piece before covering it in more glue.

DIY Hallowen Jars applying face

10. Let it dry, screw on your lid and you’re done!

jars and pumpkins 012

What kind of ideas can you come up with?

DIY Halloween Jars decor

DIY Halloween Jars finished

jars and pumpkins 018

You can drop a battery tea light in the bottom too for a nice little glow! So fun!

You also don’t have to stick with Halloween-themed designs! My brother got creative:

DIY Halloween Jars Ninja Turtles and Simpsons

Such a fun and easy DIY project! I’m already thinking up Christmas-themed jars I can create! Plus, doesn’t this seem like a fun activity for a kid’s birthday party? I would have loved this! Mod Podge is the best!

Looking for some more creative craft ideas for Halloween? Try these!

Originally published on October 22, 2015

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Halloween DIY & Handmade Ideas Roundup - Being Tazim

Wednesday 19th of October 2016

[…] DIY Halloween Jars […]


Monday 3rd of October 2016

You have the cutest ideas! I'll be making these with my kids over Fall break! PS- your DIY Mercury glass pumpkin is going I be w spotlight in this week's 100 happy days!


Sunday 16th of October 2016

Oh fun! It was a fun project!

Tasia @The Frugal Farm Girl

Monday 3rd of October 2016

These turned out adorable! This is such an easy craft I know my 5 year old is going to enjoy doing it this weekend. The ninja turtles your brother did are awesome. Mod Podge is something I love as well. We Mod Podge tissue papers onto candles for our wedding.


Sunday 16th of October 2016

Thank you! They were so fun to make and I live that you could use pretty much any design!

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