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Christmas Crafts for Non-Crafters

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You know all of those awesome crafty ideas you see on Pinterest and think, “I can totally do that!” Then you try it and well, let’s just say it didn’t turn out so great. No worries, everyone has crafts like that!!

My suggestion, start out with something small-ish and fairly simple. Total confidence booster in my opinion. Plus, then it makes those Pinterest fails not so bad. So what should you start with? I have some ideas :)

Christmas ornaments/decorations 

With the burlap and lace trend still holding on strong, it’s a great place to start. Last year, the hubs and I didn’t have a huge budget for decorating. We didn’t even have a Christmas tree yet! So I went to the handy dandy has-it-all craft store and picked up a modest tree, some soft white lights, and miscellaneous clear ornaments and raided the discount wedding decoration bins for lace, pearls, twine and burlap.

  • Next step – just start putting things together! My mom and I put everything out on the table and just started putting things together. If it looked good, we left it alone. If we didn’t like it, we started over. Simple!

burlap and lace christmas

burlap and lace christmas

Make a special ornament every year

It sounds cheesy but why not make a special ornament each year? I picked up a giant ring ornament for the Christmas we were engaged and then last year I made an ornament with a “J” on it for our first Christmas as a married couple.

Tree skirt 

This took a little more crafting skill but it was still easy to manage. We took a fairly large needle, about 4 yards of burlap and 4 yards of lace (ribbon lace so it was a narrow). Lay the lace on top of the burlap about 3 inches or so from the edge that will be out from under the tree. Take your large needle and some good ol’ fishing line and start an over and under stitch that loosely runs in the middle of the lace ribbon. Once you’ve stitched the entire length of the fabric, make sure to knot one end and leave the other free. Then just gather/push the fabric toward the knotted end creating ruffles and boom, you’re done!


burlap and lace christmas


Sadie approves!

Originally posted December 2, 2014

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.