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1 Easy DIY Plastic Pumpkin Planters

I love making seasonal crafts, and this year I wanted to make something using classic Halloween plastic pumpkin pails. I picked up these mini pails at Walmart for 74 cents apiece. Since they also had some small fall plants for…

0 Easy Book Character Costumes

School is back in session and that means all the school activities you’re involved in are just beginning too! Nothing says “parent involvement” like a school dress-up day, right? Between school spirit and silly dress-up days, there’s usually a costume…

0 10 Minute Crafts: DIY Sparkle Candles

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t think they’re crafty at all, this project is for you! This is possible the easiest DIY ever! (And maybe takes ten minutes tops!) Plus, you only need three things for these gorgeous DIY…

0 DIY Party Fun!

We recently had the opportunity to hold a little Splendry DIY party and wanted to share the details with you! The first step in hosting a DIY party is food, of course! The spread: Caesar Salad Chips and Mango…

0 DIY Baby Shower Cake Stand

This DIY stand can be used for cake, food, decor, or however you would like to use it. The three best parts: (1) It’s easy (2) It’s inexpensive (3) It’s can be customized to the shower. So, let’s get started!…

Projects & Crafts
0 Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder

My daughters are getting older and we thought we had moved past our bow organizer stage so we got rid of it. But due to a recent, not entirely planned, short haircut, we needed to break out the bows. I…

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