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0 The Wreath Conundrum

I love wreaths. Like really love them. I would easily change out wreaths every two weeks if I could and would easily like to DIY them all. But, sigh. There is only one little problem with DIY’ing every single wreath…

0 10 Minute Crafts: DIY Sparkle Candles

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t think they’re crafty at all, this project is for you! This is possible the easiest DIY ever! (And maybe takes ten minutes tops!) Plus, you only need three things for these gorgeous DIY…

Projects & Crafts
0 How to Make a Crib Skirt

Crib skirts are easy and can add so much to a room! Custom crib skirts can be pretty pricy but you can make one for a lot less! Here’s what you need to get started, consider this your lazy girl’s…

0 DIY Personalized Sport Pennant

I recently decorated a baby shower in a basketball theme. It was one of my favorites! I made some super simple (and cute!) sport pennants that I could use to personalize the decor, and that Mommy-to-Be could take home. What…

Projects & Crafts
3 Fall DIY Spray Paint Fun

Spray paint is a glorious thing. How quick (and cheap!) it is to make some huge changes from a few coats of paint! This fall, get creative with your decor by taking some cans of spray paint to some of…

3 The DIY Kindness Tree

If you’re looking for a fun and easy activity to make with kids, you’ll love this DIY Kindness Tree! It’s simple to make, and kids will enjoy using it to note acts of kindness they see or do themselves! The…

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