Projects & Crafts

Projects & Crafts
2 Easy DIY Marbled Vases

I have a pretty minimalist style when it comes to my home decor. While I love bright colors, I prefer to use them as accents throughout my home and keep my walls mostly white in the living areas. I’ve got…

Home Improvement/DIY
0 DIY: Recovered Storage Cube

Probably one of the easier DIYs I’ve attempted, recovering a storage cube was a fast project and pretty cheap! Plus, I love the finished product! I had been on the lookout for a storage cube on the clearance aisles of…

0 DIY Cheap Glitter Earrings

Well, just call me Brenna Spade because seriously easiest project ever. I have seen this floating around Pinterest more times than I can count, but finally decided to give it a try. See I lose things easily. Like super easy.…

0 DIY Baby Shower Cake Stand

This DIY stand can be used for cake, food, decor, or however you would like to use it. The three best parts: (1) It’s easy (2) It’s inexpensive (3) It’s can be customized to the shower. So, let’s get started!…

4 DIY Mercury Glass Pumpkins

I’m all about the easy (and cheap!) DIY project! Especially one that requires few supplies and few steps! My mom and I recently attempted to make our own mercury glass pumpkins, and they turned out great! I love the idea…

Decor & Style
0 The Wreath Conundrum

I love wreaths. Like really love them. I would easily change out wreaths every two weeks if I could and would easily like to DIY them all. But, sigh. There is only one little problem with DIY’ing every single wreath…

Projects & Crafts
1 DIY Spiced Fall Playdough

My son had a school project this week to make something apple themed. He decided to make an apple from clay but after realizing our clay situation was not ideal (read: old, dry and now in the trash), we decided to try something…

Home Improvement/DIY
8 DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

When I was perusing longingly through the CB2 catalog last month I noticed a specialty fabric wall hanging. Theirs was fabric pieces from another country with a significance I can’t seem to remember right now, but I thought “I can…

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