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0 Easy DIY Pumpkin Art (that’s Cute AND Cheap!)

When I got married I promised to love, honor and compromise until death. I suppose that includes holiday decorating, right? While my taste falls on the modern/minimalist side, my husband is about as traditional-loving as they come. Fortunately for me, he…

0 DIY Baby Shower Cake Stand

This DIY stand can be used for cake, food, decor, or however you would like to use it. The three best parts: (1) It’s easy (2) It’s inexpensive (3) It’s can be customized to the shower. So, let’s get started!…

Projects & Crafts
0 Lazy 5 Step DIY Bow Holder

My daughters are getting older and we thought we had moved past our bow organizer stage so we got rid of it. But due to a recent, not entirely planned, short haircut, we needed to break out the bows. I…

Projects & Crafts
0 Easy Fall DIY Projects

We couldn’t be happier about heading into fall! Celebrate a new season with one of these easy fall DIY projects we’ve rounded up! Which one will you try first? 1. Fall Candle Centerpiece from That’s What Che Said 2. Dollar…

Home Improvement/DIY
0 DIY: Recovered Storage Cube

Probably one of the easier DIYs I’ve attempted, recovering a storage cube was a fast project and pretty cheap! Plus, I love the finished product! I had been on the lookout for a storage cube on the clearance aisles of…

Projects & Crafts
0 DIY: Puppy Pillow Tutorial

I have a nephew who loves puppies. LOVES puppies. And with his 4th birthday coming up I decided to attempt a puppy pillow! I couldn’t find any patterns or tutorials online that were similar to what I wanted so I…

3 Life Hack: How to Organize Fabric

Quilting has become a super fun hobby of mine over the last few years. The most fun part is all the different fabrics. The clearance table at Hancock Fabric is the BEST THING! I love stashing fabric almost as much…

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