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5 Dollar Tree Favorites

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Dollar Tree is by far my favorite of all the discount stores; mainly because unlike Family Dollar, etc., everything REALLY is a dollar or less. Maybe you’ve avoided going in because you think there can’t possibly be anything good there. While I certainly wouldn’t buy everything at Dollar Tree there are lots of good items that really are a great deal. Here are a few of my favorite tried and true bargains.

5 dollar tree favorites - Splendry

1. Gift Bags/Wrapping Supplies and Greeting Cards

This is such a money saver. All of this stuff ends up in the trash at the end of the party whether you spent $6 on a card that plays the Macarena or not so why not save the cash? I always reuse my gift bags so then you get even more of a deal.

Dollar Tree Favorites gift wrap and greeting cards

2. Art Supplies for Kids (and grown-ups)

My kids go through approximately 5 million sheets of paper a day. They are constantly coloring, painting, etc. Sometimes it’s a better deal to buy a cheap pack of printer paper from an office supplies store but it’s really nice to be able to grab a $1 drawing pad. When my kids were younger we always got our coloring books here.

dollar tree favorites coloring books and drawing pads

Teachers know all about stretching their budget at Dollar Tree and many of these items are great for home or Sunday school as well.

dollar tree favorites teacher supplies

3. Seasonal Fun and Party Decor

The best stuff at Dollar Tree will usually coincide with the current holiday or season. Right now they have tons of cute stuff for a Luau party or summer vacation fun.

Dollar Tree Favorites - party decorations

My daughters have been obsessed with Hawaii since they saw the Lava short before Inside Out so they picked up some adorable hula skirts. At Christmas I can find tons of stuff for stockings or decorating packages. I found adorable tiny pine trees a few years ago that I used to make snow globes.

Dollar Tree Favorites - party decor

4. Organization

I have used cookie sheets from Dollar Tree for all kinds of things (but not for actually baking cookies); my current favorite use is to keep my kids Play-Doh off the table. They are also great for magnet play or keeping crafts from getting out of control.

Dollar Tree Favorites - cookie pan

I use these adorable brightly colored bins for storage in my pantry and to organize toys and art supplies. I think they’d be perfect for classroom use too.

Dollar Tree Favorites - storage

5. Party Favors

Depending on your party theme you can find tons of good stuff for favors. I really like the character themed mini-puzzles.

Dollar Tree Favorites puzzles

Other Dollar Tree Favorites
  • Foam craft kits, my kids love those
  • Spices, I know some will insist that you can tell a difference between their $20 jar of Mexican cinnamon and my huge jar I got for $1 but I sure can’t.
  • Dress up items, for everything from Halloween to school dress up days you can easily find accessories to fill out your costume
  • Disposable metal pans for parties or taking food to others

What are some of your favorite Dollar Tree finds?

Originally posted 7/20/2015

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Tuesday 21st of July 2015

I never go to Dollar Tree, but I think I will now! I always hate spending money on gift bags and cards so this is a great idea! And cleaning products are a great idea too!


Monday 20th of July 2015

And cleaning supplies! I always buy the generic magic erasers there, as well as sponges and general cleaning sprays.


Monday 20th of July 2015

Yes to all of these! Dollar Tree is also great for items going in Operation Christmas Child/Magi project shoe boxes. And as a substitute teacher, I love being able to bribe, er, motivate, the students toward good behavior with prizes like cool (but cheap) erasers and stickers.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.