3 Life Hack: How to Organize Fabric

Quilting has become a super fun hobby of mine over the last few years. The most fun part is all the different fabrics. The clearance table at Hancock Fabric is the BEST THING! I love stashing fabric almost as much…

3 Spring Cleaning for Beginners

Ah, spring cleaning. As much as I’d love to have one of those homes you can drop by at any time and find it clean, that is not the case. Occasionally, my husband and I will decide to invite people over…

0 How to Organize Your Closet for Spring

It’s the season of Spring Cleaning. Though spring has been late to arrive, it doesn’t mean we should wait to organize for the seasons ahead. Time to store away winter wear and prepare for warmer days ahead. And if you…

0 House Cleaning Tips and Shortcuts

Dishes, mopping, laundry, not exactly the funnest activities around (unless you’re Monica Gellar). We asked some contributors and readers to tell us their least favorite chore and we can up with a few ideas on how to make them go…

0 Closet Space-Saving Trick: Higher Hangers

This post contains affiliate links, meaning purchases made through included links may result in Splendry earning a small commission.  Every time I try to clean out my small closet I’m struck with the same thought: I need to totally remodel…

0 Four Steps to Kick Start Spring Cleaning

No one likes spring cleaning. Unless you’re Monica from Friends or the Type A equivalent in your friend group, you’re probably dreading the ceremonial yearly decluttering. Make it easy on yourself by tossing the obvious things and saving the hard…

1 10 Uses for Accordion Folders

Got one empty accordion folders lying around?  Sure you can sort some financial documents, but what else can you do with them? Turns out, so much! Here are 10 uses for accordion folders you might not have thought of! 10…

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