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Have you heard of an electric mower?!? If you have, then you had a one-up on me. I was recently browsing online for a new push mower to replace our ultra-basic, non-bag mower. My main requirement was to have a bag attachment to catch the grass clippings, and to not be too expensive.

I stumbled upon this little gem:
I was a tad skeptical, but thought it was worth the shot since it had good reviews, and sounded pretty great.
Well, it is.
No gas to buy, no pull cord to get caught or pull 10 times, no oil changes or tune ups.
Just a rechargable battery (you can buy extra, too), 6 blade heights, and it is as quiet as a vacuum cleaner.

electric mower 2 - Splendry

electric mower 3 - Splendry
The battery lasts 40 minutes, so it’s good for small to mid-sized lawns. I plan to purchase an additional battery to alternate between.
After doing some calculations on gas prices, oil, time and ease, this electric mower option will end up saving us a lot! Win!
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