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Managing the Chaos: Staying Organized in a Busy World

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It seems that as of lately, I’ve been going 100 miles an hour in about 25 directions. Between my job, my photography business, blogging, editing, the farm, taking care of my house, taking care of my husband, laundry, cooking, being healthy and trying to open up a studio, I might have lost my mind.

Thankfully, my last semester of college I figured out how to somewhat manage chaos (at least my chaos). I was taking 19 hours, planning a wedding, working (a lot) and was a co-editor for our award winning student publication The Cowboy Journal, Go Pokes!  So between all of that, I learned to heavily use a planner. And sticky notes. And highlighters.

Staying Organized

staying organized - write it down 1

  • I have to write everything down if I want to remember it. And even then, I often forget. If you were to look at my planners (yes, I keep my old ones too), you might think I’m a crazy person. There are notes in the margins, different tasks highlighted and often a sticky note or two when the margins fill up.

staying organized - stick it note 1

  • I also get the mini sticky notes and if it’s something really important that I absolutely cannot forget, I write it down and put the little sticky note on the back of my phone. I’m guaranteed to see, read or notice it since I always have my phone with me.

staying organized - stay synced

  • That’s another thing, I try to keep my phone and written planner up to date with each other. I also have a big calendar hanging on my wall in my office that has only work appointments and important work things on it.

My biggest piece of advice, know how and what you need to do to stay sane and sound. If you feel like you’re constantly on the go and everything is a mess, try using a planner or using your phone. Knowing that I have bills, due dates and everything else in one spot helps calm my nerves.

Originally posted February 12, 2015

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.