15 Ideas to Help You (Finally) Organize the LEGOs


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LEGOs. They bring so much joy, yet, cause so much pain. From the pieces buried in the carpet for your feet to find in the middle of the night, to the mental exhaustion of trying to keep them organized and available for playtime, it’s a lot! If LEGO organization has eluded you in the past, we’re here to help.

Whether you need an easy storage ottoman where pieces can be quickly tossed, a play area with storage included, or a travel solution, we’ve got ideas! And if you’re in the mood for a good IKEA hack, there are plenty of those to go around!

There are a lot of DIY ideas here but you can also just get some general ideas for organization if you’re not in the mood to do-it-yourself!

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15 Ideas for LEGO Organization

LEGO Organization and Storage DIYs

15 ideas to get those LEGO pieces off the floor (and out from under your feet), and into an organized space. From play tables to on-the-go storage, you'll find something to help you get those pieces in place!


DIY Lego Table with Storage

Photo Credit: feelingnifty.com

One simple table becomes an awesome LEGO play-place (with storage too)!

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Easy LEGO Storage with a Toolbox

Photo Credit: jinxykids.com

Those teeny, tiny pieces fit perfectly in a toolbox!

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Cheap & Easy DIY LEGO Storage

This affordable storage solution features a made-over TV stand!

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IKEA Lego Table Hack Your Kids Will LOVE

Photo Credit: www.thehandymansdaughter.com

So much storage space, and it looks so awesome too!

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DIY Lego Bin with Baseplate Storage

Photo Credit: www.thehandymansdaughter.com

Storage for pieces and base plates, plus, you can take it on the go!

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Easy LEGO table IKEA hack

Photo Credit: thedecoratedcookie.com

Another IKEA hack, this table is both play area and storage!

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DIY Labels For Lego Storage Containers 

Photo Credit: thequietgrove.com

Storage containers plus your Cricut = awesome LEGO organization!

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Easy Way to Store & Organize LEGOs by Color

Photo Credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Easy sorting for optimum building!

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DIY Lego Storage

Photo Credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

Storage, and play, and sitting, oh my!

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IKEA Lego Organization

Photo Credit: kidsactivitiesblog.com

IKEA to the rescue, once again!

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Simple LEGO Storage Idea

Photo Credit: repurposeandupcycle.com

A true DIY crafting table, perfect for play and keeping things organized.

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Rustic Toy Storage Unit Build Plans

Photo Credit: housefulofhandmade.com

A gorgeous design if you're handy with woodworking tools. (Or know someone who is!)

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How to Make a Lego Storage Ottoman DIY

Photo Credit: www.mamalatinatips.com

A great solution to keep Legos out of sight until playtime!

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Lego Travel Case

Photo Credit: www.thecountrychiccottage.net

For playing on the go!

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Color Coded Lego Organization

Photo Credit: dukesandduchesses.com

An easy way to help kids keep their pieces organized!

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Did you find the solution you were looking for? You might need to try a few ideas to figure out which works for you. Once you do, we’d love to hear what you came up with! 

Now that you’ve got the LEGOs organized, how about tackling the craft supplies? Don’t worry, we’ve got ideas for that too!

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